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  1. so how much for a ready to fit column to a T2?

    surely cant be much more than a T25 setup which is 370 on your website.
  2. I've got rheumatoid in my wrists and elbows (well everywhere!!) and find parking a breeze with the power steering. Wouldn't change it. Sat what you want about, I think it's a great solution!!
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    I'm not knocking it at all - love it and would like to do it or have it done. I just wish mk2mania would come out and tel, us all what the specific prices are and whether he's touting for business or just a member who happens to do this for a living!

    In fairness to him he has been quite upfront in pms to me but Im confused as to whether or not I can repost what he tells me?

    Come on @mk2mania spill the beans mate there are a few interested on here!
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    Can't see it being a secret, that'd be a weird way of running a business?
    It's £600 drive in / drive out dependant on the state of your wiring.
  5. he is waiting until he has spoken to admin about becoming a site sponsor before putting up a full ad. plus as they have just started doing T2's he isnt in a rush to be inundated with lots of people all at once.
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    Fair enough thanks:thumbsup:
  7. Who's we? As you don't like even doing your own brakes, I hope you'll be in an exectutive position!
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    I will be doing nowt if this chap offers it cheap enough- " we" are not telling you!
  9. if you need more info theres loads on our website,, pics ,videos,,links to photobucket and utube etc,, just click our banner below or even better give us a bell,

    always on the phone, NOT always at the computor
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    Have you gone back to ignoring me now you have had a little pop again?
  11. I'm reading this post with interest as I have just fabbed and fitted rack & pinion steering to my bus with great results.To be honest I considered a power steering rack in the beginning but settled for a manual rack and quite honestly the steering is very light compared to the old setup and is also very precise. In my view and circumstance, power steering would have been unnecessary.
    If any of you are interested I will try and get some photo's put up at some point of my little 'old setup'. :)
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  12. yer damned right im interested - what rack did you end up using..:TTIWWP:
  13. ...and occupy the entire lane while driving 15mph slower than the speed limit, wearing a taupe Car coat and houndstooth Trilby (fishing flies optional);)
  14. DEFINITELY interested. As I said earlier in the thread - more interested in rack steering than power steering.
  15. here a quick look at whats what, with a t2

  16. No. :) I've been working.
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    oh- soz :oops:

    Still not telling ya!

  18. Have you made one yet?
  19. I had a drive in a lite steer bus today and I have to say I liked it a lot. Despite how it looks in the pics, it didn't annoy me too much as it's painted black.
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    No. Lou won't drive it so the project is on hold. The money will go towards the bug project.

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