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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by S1mon, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Fellows are prototyping for a late bay at the moment.
    Looks like a good bit of kit.
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  2. I think if someone is happier with power steering then thats their business. Im a big fella but I do have some back and shoulder problems which make driving my bus a PIA! Cut the macho bullMarmite guys. If you are giving advice on whether someones bus's steering is up to spec and their difficulty is due to a set up or mechanical problem thats good input but difficult to judge via the interweb. As for fitting it. I have no plans but should I use my bus on a daily basis I would seriouly look at this to assist with parking.

    Interested on the comments on changing back to standard wheels. Personally found my steering improved when I fitted the Empis and the wider trach felt more stable. Perhaps it was just that it was different and I was bored.

    Unaware of what systems are best but I'd be happy to have a cheap version with a manual switch. Biggest drawback is the motor fitted to the steering column as its a bit bulky. A rack under the bus has got to be the way!
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    My wife has a condition that makes driving vehicles without pas quite painful afterwards- so that's why we are looking at the possibility of it!
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  4. Interested to see if you do and what you fit. Im gonna do it now just to show im a nail varnish wearing girl.
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    It has been something we have talked about and I have looked into it - It seems there is a bit of fabrication re the fixing bracket and it is always on show below the steering wheel?
  6. My understanding is that it also involves cutting and welding the steering column, which has to be done right, otherwise it could be very dangerous.
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    YES YES - Not overly intricate or precise from what I have been told but it has to be right!
  8. Why not go for power steering? My own personal view: its like a lot of things - the more electronicky gadgets you have, the more there is to go wrong. I don't need power steering (although I do appreciate that some people do) so there is no point in me fitting it.
  9. I'm going to be fitting a rack with PAS to the fish, when I get to it!!

    But I do run a smaller steering wheel, and have 205/50 tires fitted, so car parks are a bit of a grunt work maneuver sometimes :lol:
  10. Do us all a favour mate and get yourself cloned!!!
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  11. What if you were to use a rotary vane pump, running off an auxilliary pulley, you could mount it in the engine bay an run hydraulics to the front end...all getting a tad complex though...I'd go with the stock wheel set up....and a big wheel...and ibuprofen
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    Some us bays had power steering factory fitted!
  13. Have you got the m code for that statement :p
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    No mate - I read an article about it on the samba some time back, apparently it was offered as an option on later bays, I can't be certain its a fact tbh as I have never seen one?

    I did see a pump advertised on ebay once though!
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  15. Would've been a type 4 add-on...
  16. Was it advertised as rare or westfalia? ;)

    Seriously though id love to see a "factory" or vwoa power steering set up.
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    So would I - I have been trying to source info on it since I read the article - zilch so far!
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  18. Was it written by NASkeet by any chance :D
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    Mate i should have written " apparently" before the statement - I can't even find the article now!

    Where's that embarrassed smiley gone? :lol:
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  20. Dont understand why creative dont do a rack. They do one for the brazilian bay (via Danbury apparently.)

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