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  1. Vauxhall corsa power steering?
    unit £50
    mate is looking into putting that in his bay, what'd you reckon?


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    Apparently it works well - kinda hoping to do this myself in the winter. If I do and it works we are thinking of offering it up as a service!
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  3. Well worth it......................having a van that already has it from the factory. Knowing my luck it'll stop now and i'll be left like a tanker pilot turning round in the Atlantic!
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    Ruddy posh Westy people!;)
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  5. Seen this done a lot in the Mk1 Golf world.....apparently works well.
    MGTF has the same sort of arrangement, for an alternative source of column as sellers are beginning to cotton on to the conversion use fo the corsa ones and prices are creeping up on them as a result.
  6. they are all coming out today
  7. Get down the gym. What's wrong with you ;)
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  8. Isnt it the same system as a Fiat Punto?
  9. Drove a split bus owned by Fellows speed shop (Subaru conversion people) - it was fitted with an astra power rack with an electric citroen saxo power steering pump and a few bits and bobs (& I think a T25 bevel box?). It was most lovely and drove wicked.

    They were going to do it as a drive in-drive out service, but to be honest kept promising to do it for me but let me down every time.

    They may well do it as a full service now, but does sound a DIY conversion as long as you could get a decent bevel box.
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  10. Really....does a bus need power steering ......nope ...turn your well as you move ffs .....
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  11. I can understand the need for power steering in a FWD car as it helps prevent torque steer which is inherent in FWD even at parking speeds. The wheels will always want to pull straight so PS helps eliminate this. Once at a cursing speed it pretty much switches off.

    The last car I had without PS was a BMW. Rear wheel drive, no need for PS, a bit heavier at parking but not really noticeable after a week or so.

    I drive a fiat 500 earlier this year with the city steering. I'm guessing this system is designed for girly girls who do their makeup whilst driving and are scared that they'll break a nail if they have to lift a finger to steer. It was awful as even the smallest if inputs had the car all over the place.

    I find the van one of the easiest things to park to be honest. Tight parking spots only a couple of inches longer than the van can be a bit more of a struggle over the car, but I've got a whacking great towbar that deals with that quite nicely. I hadn't thought about the need for power steering though and can't see that it would make a huge difference, as johnnie says, just keep it moving FFS :)

    Is it supposed to cure wander lust at higher speeds?
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  12. Its one mod that will lower ya value ,and it dont need it ....never ever had a problem parking .....keep ya tyres pumped,turn wheel when moving like you were taught....i was trained to drive by a army instructor,he used go mental when i turned wheel without moving.....backhander job....great teacher tho,never forget him.he taught eddie kiddhow to drive as well....no sick comments pls....
  13. Girly drivers....spot on joker.....saying that niall ,we mite need power steering when where 64
  14. Not considered power steering, but I have been interested in rack steering as i thought it might be a bit more precise. With standard wheels and a standard steering wheel, you shouldnt need power steering.
  15. I agree that you probably don't need power steering, but but if you are fitting a rack anyway and that gives you the choice to go power, why not?

    Given the choice, I would go power every day as having had 4 buses without and then driven a bus with power steering the difference in the driving experience at low speed/parking was amazing - and maybe the wives may be a bit more up for driving our buses (yeah, on second thoughts forget the power steering).
  16. I've recently swopped my 15" empi's over to stock and the front is tons lighter :)
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    Better handling, less noise, better fuel consumption and they look right eh Chris?
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    I'm going to get a rack conversion, doubt I'll bother going power steering though.
  19. Think he suffered from too much understeer....

    Sorry! couldn't resist:D
    He's a very brave chap
  20. Now a steering rack I can understand. Are they available as a bolt on or does it need a scrappy hybrid?

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