FOR SALE Post resto beetle panels

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    I think this is a full early beetle heater channel, it has been taken apart & painted with epoxy resin inside & out then put back together, prior to me buying it. Located Preston £60 collection only... I will NOT post.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Full length early floor pan LHS, has been fitted then removed, again prior to me buying it, I also have the RHS floor pan in exactly the same condition Located Preston £50 each, collection only...... I will NOT post.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
    This is a NEW, never been anywhere near a beetle, full qtr panel RHS with fuel recess, still in original transit paint.... located Preston £125.00 collection only...... I will NOT post.

    All the above have been dry stored so grab your self some bargains, beetle lovers!
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  3. I have other stuff, including a full nose cone, just need to dig it out.
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  4. hmmm, certainly interested.
    Mine is a GT and if memory serves it's kind of like a crossdresser in the whole early/late parts and panels thing; 3 point seat runners, elephants feet tail lights and flat screen. Will need to do some checking. are all your bits early?
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  5. Not sure 100%, the heater channel can be made to fit any beetle. The qtr panel above will fit yours too. Floor pans are not for you with your 3point seats. GT was '72/'73 somewhere round there I think. The nose cone I have should fit anything apart from 1302/3's. Also have 1600 barrels & pistons somewhere & probably lots of other stuff too numerous to mention :)
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  6. I think the pans can be drilled to fit, can't they?
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  7. Seat mounts are different somewhat :)
  8. image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Doghouse fan housing (dirty) will take £25 collection only Preston
    Full nose cone (slightly rusty will clean up ok, I've got it dry stored) Will take £40 collection only Preston.
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  10. Iv'e dragged the other floor pan out so here it is.... bit dusty

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