poptop2s guide to wild camping

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    Poptop2s guide to wild camping

    It’s pretty daunting this wild camping lark if your new to it and if your idea of wild camping is a pay site in the woods that hasn’t been mowed or had the tree’s lopped , by wild camping i of course mean FREE camping , camping in lay by’s , on common land or even in a farmers field , not just paying to camp on a dedicated site that might be somewhere remote with faciltys , no by wild camping we mean free camping .

    There are thousands of places to camp for free in the uk , lay bys , fields , common land , beaches , beach car parks even some supermarket car parks let you park up overnight , and of course the old lorry drivers stand by – industrial estates .

    Now a lot of these won’t appeal to everyone some may even disgust certain people ( i know some lay bys even the scavenging crows give a miss! but a lot are in beautiful secluded spots , some of the above mentioned places are in handy spots and a lot have faciltys such as toilets etc and there is even internet sites dedicated to this way of camping out around Britain , don’t be fooled :you don’t have to pay to enjoy security , toilets and water it just seems that way .

    How do i know these things and places i hear you ask , well i have been trucking for nigh on 30 years on and off and have had to find places to park in out of the way places many a time , we truckers like our security and lavatorial comforts too you know , i know – we don’t look like we do, we pee up our wheels and cuss n curse but we are domesticated really ( well most of us are ) .

    Right then on with the poptop2 guide –

    Where to park ?.

    Believe it or not our sceptred isle is relatively safe and crime free , i know the papers and tv would have you believe differently but it is – ask yourself when was the last time you heard of someone being murdered in their campervan or truck , then times that by ten and you have the same answer not very often .

    Lay bys , lots of A roads have good lay bys , some have toilets and are sheltered from the main road by a verge or tree’s , these are usually filled with lorry’s on the busy main routes but seldom used on some of the less busy routes such as by the sea or in countryside , they are usually pretty clean and they are free , i recommend you choose theses over pull ins that are next to the road because you are sheltered from the noise a bit and less like to have some passing speed freak ram the side or back of your truck .

    Beaches - lots of places by the sea can be accessed by cars vans etc , some of these can be parked on overnight free of charge , check the tides and ask locals if it’s ok to park , sometimes it is and other times it is not , be sure before you settle in – it’s a bind paying to be unclamped , obviously seaside towns have toilet facility’s etc .
    Then there’s common land and beauty spots there’s loads of it , its free and it’s proper wild , you can hear the birds sing and everything , check out the local by laws – just because no one camps on it does not mean you cannot , usually you can .

    Last resort parking spots are supermarket car parks , council car parks and industrial estates , not the most desirable but in times of need very welcome , the easiest way to find out if these are free is to walk up to the pay meter machine an check out the free parking times usually 7pm to 7am , if there’s no sign saying – NO OVERNIGHT PARKING – your ok to settle in .

    Things to bear in mind are security ,supply’s and vehicle battery condition , Security is obvious – lock the doors and petrol cap if you don’t want to run the risk of a sneak thief making off with your wallet /purse or petrol , this is just common sense no need to be overly concerned just basic security measures will do .

    Supply’s are essential for out of the way camping , water gas and petrol are always my first concern , without water i can’t wash or have a cuppa , without gas i can’t easily boil the kettle and without petrol you can’t get home , the same applys to battery condition - be frugal with your usage or make sure the leisure battery is full , check you have all of these essentials way before you find that out of the way spot to park up and remember the battery bit .

    Wild camping is sooo much more rewarding , it feels like camping , you can hear yourself think , breathe in the air and not have to put up with the dope next doors boom box music at three in the morning , ok so you may have to poo in a bucket or pee up the wheel of your bus but it’s cheaper and it will offset the cost of fuel a bit .

    If you do do it just be aware and respect your surroundings , take your litter home , keep the music down but most importantly relax and enjoy it .

    Lou and i have been doing it for years , we love wet wipes , best invention ever !.

    wild camping on tlb --


    beaches on tlb -


    wild camping uk , this guy believes there's only wild camping in secluded spots , it's a opinion i suppose :-

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    I love wild camping. It's why I haven't bothered with 240v hook up. Skippy is completely self sufficient. Jan isn't too keen on it though as she worries about someone giving us some trouble.
    It's an excellent guide and the motorhome link was good to read as well, cheers PT.
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    Cheers for the heads up. I plan on doing some wild camping as I'm getting fed up of some sites over charging for not much like the forestry commission in the New Forest.
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    A decent set of portable solar panels are invaluable when wild camping, helps to top up both the leisure battery & the main battery.
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  6. Great addition to this section - cheers Malc
  7. i've only ever been wild camping...never been to a site or used electric hook up... lol...but these are very useful :) thanks xxx
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    has this post persuaded anyone to give it a go ?

    Me n Will went wild camping a few weeks ago , just down a country lane a few miles from home but we took some nosh tuned the radio to a nice relaxing station , played some dominoes , watched the stars and listened to the wildlife pretending a bear was coming to steal our food - simple but cheap -- and important to dads n 9 year old lads :)
  9. I think it is a great idea Malc we should have a wild camp somewhere! :D
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    I'm working on it Gav .
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  13. Bbbrrrrrr might have to save for a propex otherwise Stacy might not come :D
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  15. Ok thanks :D

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