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  1. Having just re installed points on a 009 for a cheap fix after blowing up my electrical ones (yeah in the usual way thanks o_O) I'm wondering do I need to install a condenser too? Getting a very weak spark which I hope is the last hurdle standing in the way of my first trip in Kizbee for 9 years. Cheers.
  2. Yes. And a SVDA distributor.
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  3. SVDA in time ..
    If you have points fitted you'll need a condenser - easy enough to do ...

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  4. Cheers chaps.
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  5. Great, thanks.
  6. Oh go on then, tell me which SVDA I should be buying... and why. My parts list is working up towards a similar price to that of a new dizzy in any case.
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  7. 123 is probably the best and most expensive, an original Bosch in good condition next but even an Accuspark electronic SVDA distributor would be better than a 009 for driveability and economy.
    Why – because a 009 can only advance the timing by engine speed (revs), a vacuum distributor advances with revs and engine load.
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  8. Such excellent answers 77westy thanks again.
    We've got it doing everything except starting now after adding a condenser and I've never heard an engine sound more like it wants to run without actually running! It feels like it has to be spark related so I'm going to hunt one out.
    Cheers for all your help.
  9. ... and just an idiot check that if I go with the cheapo accuspark number I don't need anything different for a 2ltr than the standard.
  10. Your 2.0l would have had a SVDA distributor originally and the vacuum from the carbs will have been blocked off when the 009 was fitted.
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  11. I fitted a Pertronix svda distributor a while back on my 1600 tp and the engine starts and runs well. No more messing about with points and condensers etc. My mgb still has points and condenser and I only keep it that way to maintain stock, but repro points and condensers are poor quality and don't last, I eventually splashed some cash sourcing nos original genuine jaffa box Lucas ones, fine so far.
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  12. You need the condenser because it provides controlled current collapse so the points open without arcing as current diverts to the condenser for a moment.
    And also because if you dont have one and eventually get the engine to run. the energy all goes to burn off the points gap rather than go to the spark plugs.

    Personally I prefer buying knackered Bosch SVDAs at swapmeets and fixing them. The core of my latest distributor cost £5, a bit of persuasion with a 4 oz hammer, a good cleaning , a new cap and rotor arm and the Accuspark unit out of my previous distributor and it was on the road.
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