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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by paradox, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Could someone please photoshop this pic so the bus is a olive drab green and the roof stays white but the bumper and bull bar black

    Theres some karma for doing it

  2. baywatcher is good at that stuff ;)
  3. Hows this?
  4. Hmmmmm i dont think i like it

    Could you do it a darker green dude?
  5. Done.
  7. Make it purple with a pink roof just for fun :)
  8. Cheers zebedee

    Im still not sure about this approach now
    If it was a tintop it would work but i think the pop top throws it out of balance
    I may have to re think the colour and style
  9. After a good think about it i dont think my bay will suit the tough off road styling i intended to do it in

    I think i may finish her a little more traditional and in keeping with the looks of a classic vehicle
  10. What do you guys n gals think?
  11. the bumper looks mean in black paradox :)

    i think id need to see pics from differant angles to see if the dark green really works
  14. are you telling us what colors are on you short list ? or is it hush hush ?
  15. If not the nato satin green with black bumpers i was thinking about
    having the van blue with white poptop,white bumpers,standard steels in white with baby moons and beauty rings
    Small chrome spots on the front bumper
  16. Please feel free to chip in with your opinions people and if anyone would like to play around in photoshop with my bus to show different suggestions id appreciate it

    Im having a proper brain melt with this now and im thinking i may be better finishing my bus all pretty and selling it when finished to fund a synchro wedge
  17. that sounds good . im not being funny but id really recomend the shade of blue i have . i havnt seen another vw the same colour as mine . L5C vw blua .

    te pics of my bus dont do the colour justice though
  19. I know zed but im stumped

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