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Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Skyelectrix, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Not sure what it's called but the bolt on panel under the pedals!

    It's not rusty but it is pretty dented but I'm sure it's easily knocked into shape! £25 plus post or collect dubfreeze? I'm based near Tenby Pembrokeshire

    07971 781110

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  2. It's for a lhd if it makes any difference!
  3. Can take to the volksworld show...
  4. Can someone confirm that it would fit a RHD van? I don't see any reason why but want to be sure.

    @Skyelectrix when are you going to volksword?
  5. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    I think so
  6. Is the larger hole specific to left or right hand drive? As in is it there for adjusting the steering box or something like that? I’m just guessing tho! :confused:
  7. Wait!!! You're not sure!? I guess I'll have to find out then.
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  8. davidoft

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    It will fit I’m certain, I think :D
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  9. As far as I remember there is nothing coming out of that hole (beside water) and the steering box is not cover by the belly pan.
    I'll send you a PM to see if we can work something out for collection.
  10. 21Window

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    It's just a willy hole and totally depends on where you prefer laying in front of traffic or not.....I've drilled mine out to have 2 x universal big holes....depending on whether I'm in UK or not....or of course a passenger not necessarily me ;)
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  11. Ok nice one. Will pack it in the van and hopefully meet up..

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