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  1. What as a dingle lmao
  2. seths long lost son
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. campers not ready off to collect parts lol
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  5. Heres the evidence mi owd

  6. Is that a split washer under the nut on the lower shocks or just a stock washer?
    I've double nutted the ones on mine as the nut kept working loose.
  7. wow remember that weekend somehow.
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  8. It’s a wavy washer I think
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  9. I remember Malcom following me round all night and even been stood watching me when I went for a yellow snow
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  10. it was another superb weekend in stunning surroundings :D
  11. Cab step cleaned up and treated/primed
  12. i see your winning your wae on body work , happy days , how are you keeping:thinking::hattip:
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  13. Cleaned the arch lip up and treated/primed it

  14. whats up you ve gone quiet on us
  15. Been busy with other stuff owen
  16. goood thought you wheren t well or some thing say hello to family for me
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  17. I’ve prepped the b post,c post the sliding door tracks and surrounding areas and painted them.

    Front arch/step and a pillar to prep and paint next.
    Then the window and doors can go back in.
  18. Crackin on Para. Winter is coming....
    Mind you, what a target to be camping in the first snows.
    You need to get this bus finished before some of us don't know who we are anymore...x
  19. Reckon I might be road worthy by April techenders so maybe see you there Para?!

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  20. The weather isn’t the best to be doing bodywork so that will soon come to a halt.
    I’ve plenty to keep me busy that can be done indoors over the winter months though.
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