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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by PanZer, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Cheers. Although i’ve read about dimming the dash I’ve never seen on mine that it is possible. I’ll look in to it more though. Thanks.

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  2. I definitely want one of these!!

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  3. If no one can do them on here, I'll see how much Campbells in Medway charge to make some more.
  4. Thanks for all the help so far :)
    Finally wired my new Headlight Switch in accordance with previously posted diagrams. All seems great, however some issues/questions remain:

    •Terminal #56 still gets red hot when headlights are on, but not just with sidelights (dimmer doesn’t seem to alter this)
    •#30 shows a split Red 0.5 wire going to dash, but I don’t have that nor know where on the dash it goes to or what it’s for
    •With no #57 on the switch, how do I wire in the Parking Light Warning light on the dash?
    •Can my RPM bulb, which is a T4W bulb, piggy back #58b and just take an earth from it somewhere?

    I got around the escutcheon nut issue by filing down the sides to use an adjustable spanner in future...

    Cheers folks.
  5. I am having some more tools made, just waiting for the bloke to come back off holiday.
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  6. If #56 is still getting hot and you have cleaned and tightened it perhaps the wire is not tight in the crimp connector itself, just a thought,
  7. Thanks for that.
    I haven’t actually cleaned and tightened it, so i’ll try that tomorrow first.
    Did chase it back to the fuse and all seems ok that end.
    I noticed that it only gets hot when the ignition is engaged (not necessarily with engine running). So it’s fine without any power going through the ignition.

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  8. [​IMG]
    Decided to just change the ancient connector on that overheating wire and all seems ok...unless the insulation is now disguising it heating up, but I doubt it as it was untouchable before.

    Wired my RPM bulb to #58 on the Headlight Switch and seems to work just fine.

    Now...the only outstanding annoyance is the fact that for some reason the High Beam/Flasher Light is pathetic! Haha Don’t know why it doesn’t illuminate fully like all the others do. Weird.

    Anyway. Practically there now. Thanks folks.

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