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    I never liked the stock setup for Gear Stick and Handbrake Handle, with the tendency to clash on hill starts etc. My first thought was to drill through the handbrake shaft horizontally and rotate the original handle, but it clashed with my more important coffee cup holder
    A dream addition was a £300 shiny Bug-Tech Shifter, but that’s now no longer needed, since my ace mechanics ( fixed the original...practically for biscuits (after I snapped an Empi one the useless shower of muppets at charged me a fortune to fit, amongst other things).
    I’m doing pipe work in various places and just stumbled upon how neatly 15mm tubing and couplings worked with what I already carrying on the theme is perfect
    I use the chalk for tracking mileage and notes on directions etc.
    No clash at all with the gearstick and changing gear can be done with so many hold positions...just a thumb even
    Oh, and a fire extinguisher mounts nicely to the handbrake column

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    Looks very steam punk. Well done :thumbsup:
  3. I like it very nice but it would of been easier to adjust the handbrake properly
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  4. Cheers.
    What would be the handbrake adjustment I could have done?
    It really only took 2hrs for the customisation...more than twice that in planning as usual

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  5. Loosen off the nuts on the end of the cables under the cab
    Adjust the shoes in the drums using the star adjusters through holes in the drum back plates
    Then take up the slack in the cables with the nuts under the cab
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  6. Interesting. Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.
    How would that procedure eliminate the clash between handbrake handle & gearstick though?
    I really don’t know much about these machines still...barely even been inside other people’s.

    Newly fitted Sun Visor retaining clips The an Empi one snapped on first use!
  7. The handbrake handle won’t pull out as far
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  8. Cool. Thanks.
    Mine currently travels about 14cm. Didn’t realise that wasn’t normal so i’ll look into it

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  9. It would be a good idea to take of the rear drums and inspect inside
    Its very common for them to be neglected
    You may find you need to fit new shoes then do the adjustments

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