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    At about or just after 6am yesterday morning I passed northbound the incident at junction 10 of the M6 at Walsall where a person tragically lost their life. The southbound was closed and I could clearly see ( much to my dislike) the aftermath of the incident. I only glanced and looked away sharpish as I see enough in my job, but this person, a passing motorist,who in my opinion is a sad sack was owned by the police.


    Half way down the report.
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    There are some pretty stupid people about. I'm glad they spotted him.
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  3. Goul :mad:
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    Not just that, the stupidity of filming the tragic outcome that could be caused by their actions and not even considering the danger and irony of what they are doing whilst witnessing both cause and effect!!
  5. You see this type of crap daily, tragic scenes unfolding and some d@%k with a phone filming it then uploading/sharing with there friends.

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    Folk seem to losing any sense of compassion and decency :mad:
  7. Completely desensitised morons
  8. Some folk have no respect, hopefully the guy will get his just deserts.
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    I’m amazed at some of the things the lads I used to teach looked at on You tube etc. It’s like they are watching a video game or film when it’s reall people :(. No wonder folk are becoming desensitised:(
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  10. They are desensitised. Unfortunately, young lads are at "that" age when they'll absorb any old crap, and they're fed this rubbish. Not good.
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  11. They never think that they might see summat that'll keep waking them up a half past 3 in the sad, lonely, cold morning. And therein lies my solace with those ghouls.
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  12. F0AAA512-B30B-43BF-9105-6F3FAF4EEF7A.jpeg Sticker on the back of my work van.
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  13. I’ve witnessed first hand the misery that can be bestowed apon a family by a careless driver on a phone. A family friend of 30 plus years lost her young daughter, her daughters young step brother and her step mum when they were all wiped out by a lorry driver on his phone. When I see idiots on their phones whilst overtaking me etc that poor family are never far from my thoughts.
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  15. I was in her parents house this week to do a boiler repair. As you would imagine there are lots of pictures of their deceased granddaughter. I found it very difficult to look at them. Many lives cut tragically short because someone wanted to check his phone that day. I don’t cry at much, but I wept the day I saw my friend on tv on the steps of the coroners court.

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