One for the Landy lovers..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dubs, Dec 7, 2018.

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  2. Horrible.
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  3. what a beast ...
    you could scare yourself "witless" with that ...:p
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  4. nooooo :( i really like the little blue's... but not that!
  5. bit extreme and a lot of money for well, a landrover:eek:
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  6. Dubs

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    It's not the most aesthetically pleasing conversion is it.. :lol:
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  7. You'd get some funny looks nipping to Tesco in it!
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  8. Love it
  9. Is any Land Rover aesthetically pleasing?
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  10. Gawd knows what the MPG is, my old petrol Safari had trouble getting into double figures.
  11. You mean more than 9mph?
  12. Has it been descreetly lowered?
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  13. Dubs

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    I just thought it was a northern model. Is that not what all cars look like above Lincolnshire?
  14. Round here it seems to be Japanese 4x4 pick up trucks
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  15. davidoft

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  16. it’s not a proper land rover is it?
    it doesn’t have a “ONE LIFE LIVE IT”
    sticker on the back
    what ever that means o_O
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  17. Top tip with a Landy - if you screw your eyes up and really squint, it looks a bit like a Toyota...
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