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  1. Hmmm ask on local pages who is to trusted too ?......we have two in Norfolk who import and that both have excellent reputations .....if your gut feeling is walk trust it :) (no doubt I will be shot down in a second ;) )
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    Rust free and type4 are big plus points, take someone experienced and impartial with you,
  3. Sounds like a seller trying to make a quick buck and not having that much knowledge about what they are selling, trust your gut, and people on here. If you look at vans on here you can also look at the history of it by finding its build thread.
  4. I would go for a well loved bus from a private sale. Do be careful with these though as the owners are biased towards their loved ones. I would have a good search around, wait about 3 months when everyone starts prepping for christmas, that's bargain time for a bus buyer. In the summer or when the weather is still half decent, the prices stay high.
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    I'd go for the best bus you can find regardless, having had a proper look at an imported bus for the first time a couple of weeks ago I was astounded at the genuinely rust free condition of a 78 California import.
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  6. Some of them are like new, hard to believe.
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  7. Welcome from West Lancashire. We bought our bus 15 months ago - we just had a budget of £10k and I didn't even consider looking at dealers stock - I assumed that they are in it to make a profit so they will probably add £2k to their purchase price - which you could save buying privately. But looking at dealers stuff is good place to start so you can poke around without upsetting anyone or wasting anyone's time. When you have a look at a couple - you get to know where the rust points are etc. - good luck in your search
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  8. I would have a good look at hot climate imported vans, as at your price point (similar to ours!) you are likely to get more bus for your money. As Zed said earlier some of the imports are in remarkable body condition, with no corrosion. Had ours MOT 'd last week (Cali import ) tester said its like a 3 yr old vehicle underneath - he was talking about the chassis/structure.
    It is far cheaper to repair mechanical issues & interiors than start replacing panels & repairing chassis parts. The downside I guess is LHD although it really does not bother me, some folks are not keen, paint & window rubbers are likely to be sun damaged. Good luck with the search.
  9. If it really bothered someone, it's not the biggest job in the world to convert to RHD.
  10. wait a month ,after August they all have had their holidays and the buses will be cheaper...;)
  11. You know what they say red vans go faster.The type 4 engine is a big plus point it's a stronger unit and has a proper modern oil filter system. Also from 75 onwards VW let their accountants loose so the quality of some components on vans took a bit of a dive, centre door hinges and rear tailgate locks for example. Another thing it being a 74 you should be looking at saving £200 in road tax! As for the shiny paint take yourself a magnet along if it doesn't stick in areas there's lots of filler there. Check my lump out:

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    Hi @Beckybutty I have 3 lovely honest late bays at the moment currently being worked on. A Westy poptop, Riviera poptop & a tintop Kombi with a brand new sunroof, headliner and will be fitted with a Westfalia interior & fully retrimmed inside. All currently in their original paint, so nothing hidden, a magnet will work everywhere. All were current drivers in the US. Can send details if interested. All 3 can be viewed in Kent. Can send details if you are still looking. Thanks! :)
  13. They are realistic selling prices and (from the photos) they look good buses.
    There has been 40 years of bodging in SA though, so engine swaps are very common and not always well done.
    I got Freddie (below) bought, paid for and on the road for just under £5k.
    1700's were popular in SA. 1600's not so much. Which is good news as the Type 4 engine is a massive improvement over the 1600. (awaits the wrath of the lawnmower brigade).
    My advice is 'go look'. Take someone who knows what to look at.
    Paperwork from SA is ALWAYS sketchy, some have it, some don't (the Police retain it at the Port) it is not unusual at all, if it's got this far the paperwork will have to be correct to clear Customs.
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  14. Thanks for your advice - I never knew that about SA paperwork @Top Banana Racing - still not convinced about those particular vans though... still seem too good to be true, and I haven't been able to look at them as the seller is away ("at his workshop in SA").

    I'm enjoying the search though - love looking at pretty pics of shiny buses, but now my head is all over the place! I have enquired about buses all over the country, then decided to stay closer to home until I had seen a few and had a better idea what I was looking at, as I could have ended up spending every free minute going all over the country to look - i like to know I've looked at all the options! But then I saw at one on here that someone linked to on this thread, and have fallen in love (dangerous, I know!)... But far from being near to home, it's in the U.S.! So lots to think about now... And I may be on here again asking some really daft questions about importing - apologies in advance!
  15. Ive imported a few vehicles from the usa over the years to europe . And one to oz , i was in import/export for a few years. if yuo have any questions i can walk you through the process . Its a little tricky for a newbee but once you do it one time youll know the process.
    Some great deals in the usa , just stick to a coastal area , and older sellers. And protect yourself on the transfer of documents and funds .
    I helped a respected member of this forum get his here,,,
    wait till winter as well . Youll save a bunch.
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