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  1. I have (for the 1st time ever!) been allowed (by their Mother, nothing legal!) to have my two girls for a few days, 1st Week August, so we're going away in Ted and Speedy.
    Suggestions please! Where and why!
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  2. Where are you and how old are the girls??? Thinking cap going on....
  3. Keith's field cos it's nice and free.
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  4. Burford, Oxon.
    12 & 14.
    Strangely they have been there before! (Most recently 45 mins ago!)
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  5. Go Ape ?
  6. Croyde
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  7. Ghost tour? Cracking laugh around an old theatre in Vegas of the north.... Climbing experience? Coastering? Beach BBQ after a bit of big kite flying.... Build a go-kart using a battery drill for power... Ready steady cook challenges for your meals...pamper day at a spa(with dad)...outdoor cinema (borrow a projector, lob up a sheet in the back garden...get them to make popcorn... Load of cushions... And pop a DVD in a laptop and lie back), star gazing with a midnight picnic(get out into the countryside for a bit of camping and then start looking for the space station and shooting stars)....pottery class (potters wheels has to have a bit of comedy gold attached to it)... Any of them ok or am I way of the mark?
  8. Rough age (of the kids) and starting point?
  9. Tis up there ^^ 12 and 14 :)
  11. You are a genius!
  12. Any room for a 43 year old ???:D
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  13. Welcome anytime... Have more if you ever need 'em.... Have done alsorts in the past... Just give us a nudge....
  14. Oh yes..... Let's go big!
  15. Doh!
    As @Barneyrubble///GoApe Forest of Dean

    Camping, Bracelands FOD
    Or free stop over at:

    Techniquest Cardiff Bay

    Barry Island Camping, old school sea side town/// Gavin and Stacey land!


    Theam Park

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