Oil passing valve..

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  1. Got the exchangers off...found a bit of oil in there could exlain the smoke..Does this look like a lot? Going to try with "asbestos free" exchangers and an exhaust without the tailpipe missing see if it settles down after its long trip and stand...[​IMG]

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  2. Compression test?
    If it holds compression and puffs white smoke just at startup then that is likely a worn valve guide issue.
    Low compression : rings and/or scored cylinder leaking oil. Smoky all the time when running.

    I can remember at the VWH 30th anniversary day at Brands Hatch watching a splitty out on the track. Apart from not being very fast compared with the classic Beetles, it was noticeable how the grey haze coming out of the exhaust got more noticeable every lap...I wonder if they ended up on the yellow taxi ?
  3. No 1 was the oiliest hole but best in compression test ( 130 ). Guess it's guide leaking through from rocker... not had a chance to give it a good run yet since import as only just got plates. Might put exhaust system back together to 'test' it a while before dropping engine for top end refresh!

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