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  1. so been out for a drive this morning and I have noticed that under really heavy braking the oil light flashes on and then goes off ? It doesn’t light up under normal braking ! Any ideas
  2. Oil surge, have you checked to oil level?
  3. Yeah I checked it this morning before I set off and I was perfect on the dipstick.
  4. Where is perfect on the dipstick, on the lowest mark, half way to the top mark or on the top mark?

    What oil do you use?:)
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  5. When was the last time you changed it?
    It may just be breaking down coz its hot and old, therefore going thin and runny.
    I run 20/50 in everything.
    The boat diesel, @Mrs Busmonkey 's beetle, the bus and the syncro.
    This weekend was an 80/90 syncronauts event and we spent the two days charging round a private mountain in Powys.
    Big G was used to set the course for the German Trial which is traversing rough ground and driving through pole gates with golf balls on the poles.
    He did the course 3 or four times, low speed, G gear, occasional diff lock etc in order to get the course right for the others to have a bit of fun and by the end of the day the oil light was flickering as I came of throttle.
    I have a gauge fitted to back up the dash light and low pressure buzzer and drove off this. It was just the oil had got a bit hot and is probably ready for a change....
    Stick some thicker, fresh stuff in before you start thinking about the bottom end.
    If it still does it....then start thinking about the bottom end:eek:;)
  6. Either thin oil, or the pickup tube has an air leak- where it is pressed into the case, or you have low oil pressure through wear and tear, showing up when you drop the RPM by braking. Probably flickers at idle too just after braking from high speed..
  7. It’s probably 2 years since the last oil change and I used Morris sae 30 I believe and I haven’t done many miles .? I have just had the bus setup on a rolling road and had a new throttle linkage fitted and I must say it’s running superb . So maybe time for fresh oil then ? Oil recommendations please
  8. Changing your oil to 15-40 or 20-50 should sort it out.
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  9. Where’s everyone buying there oil and filters from ? Is Halfords 20-50 classic oil any good?
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  10. Put a new oil sending switch in first. If it’s an old one.
  11. Halfords stuff is ok.
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  12. Its probably running hotter, faster developing more power , and losing oil pressure that way.

    It may be strange to add a full flow oil filter and cooler to a 1641 with a progressive cruising at 65 mph but it drops the oil temperature 15 degrees C on my bus, hot runing used to be "drive at 122 degreesC and back off if it gets hotter" under the same conditions it sits now at 105 degrees C or less with a Preservation Parts new engine.

    You may be in the same boat now.

    (20W/50 Halfords goop because its cheap and none of my engines died of cam wearing out failure.)
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  13. Oh no it’s turned into another oil thread :rolleyes:
    Anyway best oil bar none as recommended by many is Valvoline VR1 20w50. :thumbsup:
    Mann filters good price at Euro car parts.
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  14. If you have a dual contact sender fitted it could well be that the ‘wink’ light threshold is set a lot higher than the standard VW one so it lights at a higher pressure. Mine is 9psi I think and it comes on at hot idle. I think I may also have air in the brake hose I used to connect it to as it reads too low on the gauge too, proven against a proper workshop pressure gauge. I’ll get around to sorting it one day...

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  15. That’s an impressive reduction, must make long drives less of a worry.

    My new-rebuilt 1.8 runs a little hot for my liking. Got a cheap wireless digital meat thermometer and just ordered CHT thermocouple to see what the head is running, and test side by side with my dipstick sender to check that too.


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