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  1. Well it seems that I shall have the pleasure of starting the first one!

    Some of you may remember I had a bit of a problem coming back from Santa Pod, I was loosing oil and fast. I estimated that I had used 7 litres of oil in 250 miles - Which is not good on an oil cooled engine. When I got back and had a chance to look at the damage there was oil all over the rear of the bus and the underside was dripping.

    I initially thought that it was the crankcase seal but after removing the fan it seemed that it was fine and looked as though the oil was coming from towards the oil filter and cooler. So got the bus in my dads garage and started stripping the beast down, turns out to get the oil cooler properly you need to remove almost everything, but in doing so I noticed the oil pressure switch was loose, gave it a little turn and it came off in my hand:

    I have now pretty much stripped the engine down to just the block, seems the low oil pressure switch was cracked and was yellow snowing oil everywhere. Unfortunately as I tried to remove it is has sheared of in the block so I now have to joy or trying to remove that.

    As I have the engine stripped I will replace all the seals and gaskets to be sure.

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    Good luck with it.
  3. The oil pressure switch, or what was left of it:


    Trail of destruction:


    As I had everything off thought I may as well give it all a lick of paint:



    Engine Porn:


    So replaced the oil seals and checked that the oil filter was tight and refitted everything, ran it for a while and so far no oil leaks but I need to take it for a run to be sure.

    Only problem is I now cant get it timed right, sounds like it is misfiring but moving the dizzy doesnt help. Ive left my dad to have a look this evening.
  4. Phwoar!!!! engine porn..........timing? I just use a static timing light, or a circuit tester, works for me, no need for a strobe !
  5. We have a timing light but for some reason it just won't time up right, get it TDC and the rotor arm is almost 45 degrees off number one??!!

    It doesn't make sense

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