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  1. I can buy genuine Mercedes 10W40 synthetic oil cheaper than i pay for mineral oil, due to working for them. But would i use it over mineral ? I duno ? If only there was one grade & one manufacturer, life would be much so much simpler.
    Decisions decisions :rolleyes:
  2. False. If it gets gummed up it is a sign of poor quality oil, may it be mineral base or synthetic. Most synthetics out there are mineral base anyway, not that your average aircooled vw engine will need a synthetic but that does not mean they cannot be used with advantages they offer. We run a 1932 A7 which has a gauze filter on a synthetic 20w-50 without issue.

    Interesting when people say "it was designed for mineral" the truth is they were not, they were designed to run on a viscosity at certain temp when hot. What the oil is made from, the engine has no idea, because it is a lump of metal.


  3. Correct answer. :thumbsup:It’s good to have someone that knows about oil, but one message in four years; where have you been?:) You must have missed hundreds of oil threads.
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  4. This is about to change, we are currently going through all the forums we are on and seeing which ones are still alive and have a plan to be much more active. Sadly, so many have died a death.
  5. I thought you were Opie Oils. :D

  6. Funny, and informative. Great post

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
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  7. If you were choosing an oil expert...which expert would you use?
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  8. My first westy had a vege engine I think I did about 80kmiles I would always use a 3o grade mineral oil
    I was always under the impression that the thin oil also helped with cooling
    I can’t actually say if it was good or not or how many miles more than the 80k it would of done before it went bang
    Because I was forced to sell back in 1991
  9. Whatever
    Some lorry driver bloke I knew.. said his granddad who’s business it was originally said plenty of grease and oil it’ll go on forever
    When I think about it probably multi grade or synthetic was not even in the dictionary then

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  10. Can he sing? There's a Saturday residency at the Barnsley Working Mens Club, if he's interested :thumbsup:
  11. V funny. Thanks.
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  12. Correct me if I am wrong as I'm no expert but I got the impression that mineral oil will leave a slight deposit in the engine and if you change to synthetic that is likely to wash this out and could block oil ways etc. This being a good reason to sticking with what has historically been used.

    What oil is a topic of discussion on loads of forums including boats, where an engine is involved, I use a relatively cheap mineral oil in my marine diesel, but the oil change interval is annual or every 100 hours of running (so maximum of 500 miles) and that has to be sucked out as you can't get under the sump.
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