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  1. Possibly because they are the German equivilent of what Castrol used to be, they also make Silkolene lubricants.
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  2. I use an oil called cheap or if I can find it one called cheaper :thumbsup:
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  3. Oooo that lovely green oil. Can you still get it?
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  4. No I don’t think so
    I always used it in mine too when I could
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  6. From a German Fox, just one Fox? I bet it’s really fed up.
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  7. I am using Millers Pistonease mineral 20/50 in the bus and MG. Very satisfied with it and Millers recommended this to me when I contacted them when I was not happy with their sae 30. VW handbook says mineral 20/50. Can buy it on ebay for around £26 delivered.
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  8. My mechanic friend says there is an oil strainer in our engines that gets gummed up if you use synthetic oil, as they are designed for mineral. True or false?
  9. I’m sure it’s true - he does say that.
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  10. I wouldn't believe everything a mechanic tells you.

    Can't see the need for synthetic oil in a camper on a stock engine, where the oil is getting changed every 3000 miles or so.
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  12. Depending on the mechanic, some are good others not always so good.
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  13. If the stainer gets gummed up I'd hate to think what's happen in the proper filter on a type 4!... luckily I'm just using mineral oil

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    But the same can said for plumbers, builders, bank managers, doctors, nurses, forum posters, people in general..

    So I guess it's fair to say, "I wouldn't trust everything a person tells you"

  15. Good point, better not trust me unless it's talking about making chocolate bars :thumbsup:
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  16. I've seen plenty of strainers gummed up with mineral oil before synthetics where even on the market.
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    Mmmm, chocolate... :thumbsup:
  18. Ask your mechanic friend what the difference is between mineral and synthetic oil. My guess is he/she really doesn’t know.
  19. Entirely possible. He is a good old boy though and has worked solely on VWs for the last 30 years. Probably with the exact same roll-up welded to his lower lip.
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