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  1. hi, probably discussed many times before, but oil search brought up too many hits.

    So any recommendations for high mileage 2 litre type 4 engine. Have been using Morris Golden film SAE 30w. Seems ok, but currently changing pushrod tubes and seals. Before I refill with oil I wonder if something thicker like 20w - 50 Morris Maybe worth a try ? May help resist weeping also?

    If there’s potential for other problems changing to this higher viscosity then may be not worth trying at the moment ?

    Any thoughts?
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    Anything but SAE30.
    Wise man once said - "I've seen many engines die through lack of oil, but never an engine die through type of oil".
    (I'd go for 20w50)
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  3. Worn engine 20-50
    Good engine 15-40

    30 is a very old fashioned oil that was used before multi-grade oil came out.
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  4. Valvoline VR1 20/50 - use it in my 60 year old MG as well - pressure holds up well when hot.
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  5. Not very wise then, I've seen plenty, particulary Ford CVH and Pinto engines.
  6. Use 20w50 multigrade oil and change it and the oil filter every 3000 miles or at least once a year. I use Castrol xl 20w50 in my mgb and camper. The Valvoline is also good.
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  7. Another vote for Valvoline VR1 :thumbsup:
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  8. Mineral or synthetic?
  9. Halfords Classic.. cheap as chips. Seems to the job so far for us.

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  10. Thanks all. Yeh changing from SAE 30w to 20w/50 looks like the way to go. Think I’ll go for the Halfords Classic 20w/50 as there’s a shop just round the corner and it’s only £21. Halfords web site shows over 100 classic car reviews and only good things to say about it.

    Cheers for the recommendations
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  11. if you look at the Porsche Classic oil sold by Porsche its 20/50 mineral
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  12. Good enough for classic Porsche, good enough for me and my bus!
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    It was a very well known air-cooled engine builder at the time, specifically talking about air-cooled.
  14. Be aware you’re going to chuck the lovely expensive oil away every 3,000 miles. Any mineral 15/40 or 20/50 will do. Don’t use 50 on a “new” engine.
  15. The documentation with my mostly new parts JK "Preservation Parts" engine demands I use 20W/50 and keep it below 120 degrees C to maintain the 12 month warranty. It has about 7500 miles on it so far since last September 2 weeks before Techenders.
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  16. is 20/50 still the best to use with Satans own creation (hydraulic lifters)
  17. I do have hydraulic lifters.
    Couple of reviews on the Halfords web site says with the 20/50 was noisy for a couple of minutes on first start up after winter, then fine all year after that
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  19. Never heard of Fuchs oil, I always get my oil from Opie Oils as their service is reliable and prices competitive. I am sticking with my favourite Castrol XL.
  20. Fuchs oil is extracted from the anal glands of a German Fox;)
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