Oil filler leak

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  1. he’s talking out of his arse.

    Mines a 1975 with a type 1 and it left the factory with a type 1.
  2. You know that and most of us know that but when the seller doesn’t have ‘Late Bay with a Type 1 engine’ on his list why should he know?
  3. I told him that because to the best of my knowledge (and i’m just one level above completely ignorant haha) that’s what i’ve got. I don’t even know what an MK2 is. Their description says Bay equivalent part number 113115451C...which I just looked up to be the standard one
    All I asked was the diameter of the breather connection, because that seemed important according to previous posts. They haven’t answered that either
    I assumed that these things were all fairly standard for quite a range of engines as not much changed.

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  4. Could you not just get your original one welded up?
  5. I thought about fibreglassing over the holes but it’s pretty beat up anyway and only £23 to replace.
    Asked again what the breather pipe diameter is (having told them it will actually fit my engine) but because the info “isn’t in the system” they couldn’t tell me. Asked them to measure it...”the items are located elsewhere” Could they not just phone the stockist and ask for a measurement. It’s like they don’t want to sell anything lol
    So I still have to replace the filler. I bought a new cap, which doesn’t fit nicely on the original filler, so I either buy an original AND new cap or take a punt on the one with no info on breather pipe diameter - though it looks like it could be 20mm. No other websites have that info either, but at least images of the item from different angles.
    It was easier learning all of the stuff about oil changes and leaks than just buying this one part

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  6. Just buy it! It’s the correct one.
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  7. Just bought it!
    Unfortunately even buying a coffee is budgeted for and a conscious decision to make. I simply can’t afford to make mistakes.

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  8. Should be fine :thumbsup:
  9. It’s confirmed that GSF Parts in Birmingham are utterly useless! This just arrived...
    No cap...different colour...18mm not 20mm breather pipe. Looks like it would still fit and work (I assume, but with little confidence) but unless I take it out the package I won’t know if the cap I already have will fit nicely.
    At least they’ve given me an email address to whinge through but it’s going to take another week to sort this, seemingly simple, purchase out.
    I’ll be avoiding them in future.
    Just thought i’d let y’all know :)

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  10. The stock filler is 20mm OD, 18mm ID. I’d think the one they’ve sent should be fine. The troublesome ones are the chromys which (from memory) have about a 10mm breather port, which is too small.
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  11. [​IMG]

    I did get around to changing my Oil Filler.
    Used the wrong one I got sent (just wrong in terms of colour) and sprayed it (externally only). Got a full refund in the end so can’t complain.

    Think I did the swap properly but I am still getting a slight oil drip in that area Typical. Perhaps I was a bit hesitant in tightening it all up.

    Also noticed that my Ignition Coil seems to dribble oil...

    Neither are major but I’d prefer they didn’t if there are any suggestions.
    Cheers folks.

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  12. Its off some Golf anyway..

    The trick to filling is to use one of those Sealey filler jugs which has a sealed cap, but with all but about 10cm of the spout removed. Fill with oil, in one smooth motion guide the spout into the stock filler with a finger on your right hand and upend the jug with your left hand so the spout goes down the filler . It will then balance against the oil bath air cleaner. Wait until empty, pull out and return to upright. Very little oil will drip.
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  13. I would replace the ignition coil unless the oil is being sprayed on it from the crank pulley.
    Easy way to check is to remove it and shake it. Replace it before it fails if it sounds like there is air in there. The oil is needed for cooling and electrical insulation.

    The oil spray happens when you have blow by and limited crank case breathing.
    What you think is an oil leak might be spray on the outside. Look under the crank pulley in the tinware.. if that is wet with oil then breather/blow by issues may be the root cause of everything getting oily .. my alternator used to drip oil too..
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  14. Ah, another aspect could be my missing Crank Tinware (soon to be put in place). So i’ll do as suggested...check the coil and check the breather. It’s not a huge amount of oil but seems to be in quite a few places - possibly slung about by the pulley but also possibly just dribbling from lots of places. Think it needs a pro to take a look!

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  15. Took the coil off and shook it a bit. Can’t say that I heard anything suspicious - if i’d even recognise the sound! Felt pretty solid.
    It’s a Bosch coil...is that no use and from a Golf?
    I did notice that the bottom plug on it (like a spark plug) doesn’t fit particularly brilliantly.
    There is a bit of oil everywhere underneath. Not massive amounts but more than I want...

    Won’t be long before some professionals get a look at it

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  16. I never worry about a little oil underneath but then I remember my dad changing the oil and then painting the old oil on the underside to keep rust at bay(this was the early 60s)
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  17. Its probably all spraying. Look at the breather pipe from the oil filler to the air cleaner... stock is about 20mm ID. It might have pinched somewhere. I ended up wedging some split 22 mm copper tube in the breather hose.

    Then I bought a new engine and its alll brilliaaaaaaaaant.
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