Oil circulation/pressure problem

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  1. Pump engages properly but pump itself is a very easy fit. Not loose by any means but definatley not tight. i will fit some tape around it ( as suggested on another thread )
    and see if it helps
  2. A loose pump could be the issue.
    With thin oil and a hot engine you get an air leak.

    On all three engine blocks I have used, it has been necessary to slacken the case bolts above and below the pump to be able to get it in and out even still needing a puller with bolts undone.

    In my parts boxes I am sure there are a few odd spare oil pumps.
    Even an unused CB Maxi 3 which is a full flow solution without drilling which still hits over 100 psi on a cold start.

    It might be easier to try another pump.
  3. Is it a proper type 4 pump ?
  4. Sadly it's going to be a strip down and rebuild. I spoke to a local bug mechanic and was told it is probably the main bearings. It's going to be costly but I'll take it out and let him do the work.
  5. Surely it's easier to try a better fitting pump first than split the case?
  6. Speaking to the mechanic, he pretty much summed up all the issues I had and various things I'd tried and said it was the only thing left to do.
    After spending the weekend taking pumps, coolers etc off only to loose even more start up pressure, I think he's right.
  7. it is a CB pump for a type 4, I swapped out the standard pump because of the oil pressure problem
  8. Why don’t you take it apart yourself? You won't learn anything or know what is really wrong giving it to someone else to fix.
  9. I'd love to...
    Unfortunately space to work cleanly in is limited and there's only so many times my wife will let me put the engine in the dish washer :)
    We've owned it for a year and a half , still need to finish the internals and basically just want to start using it, so time to delegate
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