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    received this lot today ..

    2 liter legacy , RJES bellhousing, 6 rib box, ECU, Keys, wire loom, rads, spare sump and pickup, manifolds, new clutch and a few other additional odds and sods .. Thanks John :)

    not planning to start anytime soon, hope to sort out the detail on the engine, modify the loom and get the motor running on the deck, add the box and make sure its all working as it should before embarking on the actual conversion/ installation in the van.. not in any mad rush to start.

    Got bigger main jets coming for the twin carbs onte VW motor to help richen it up and hopefully keep the edge off the slightly increased temperature and tweak the timing for this years frolics..

    mind you I was offered a solid but dead waterboxer van for pennies a few months ago... might revisit that avenue as a wee test bed .. ??
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  2. Man's gotta have a hobby..:D
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