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  1. Probably made in the same place as JK CV joint boots (which would actually look more attractive than Crocs on your feet).
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  2. The human cost can already be counted in the weight of shame from wearing them.
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  3. But these people obviously have no shame. I bet most also have furry toilet seat covers.
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  4. Or furry covered crocs
  5. I meant the shame of their nearest and dearest, obviously!!!
  6. @Osbert old son, your not saying that you actually own a pair are you:eek:
  7. I saw a fella today on EG high st, shirt, shorts and a pair of you know what’s, everyone was looking at him and pointing, the shame
  8. You were looking at your reflection in a shop window weren’t you Baz?
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  9. Yep Betty and me , if you’ve ever camped in muddy fields or indeed flooded ones you would realise what a dick you look trying to get “normal” shoes off in the yellow snowing rain before entering awning or tent , snotty doesn’t go camping so he wouldn’t know ;) 50776DB3-71E7-42AC-A735-B33248969D29.jpeg Sooo nerrrr:thumbsup:
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  10. @Barneyrubble
    Honestly never owned a pair
    What they like? You see a lot of people on campsites wearing them.
    I thought you had to be over 55 the wear them?
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  11. I not that young :D
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  12. Not quite furry but this is the down stairs lav at Christmas
    The wife bought this as well.....honest
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  13. @Barneyrubble
    Come on what they like to wear
    May purchase some
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  14. Easy n you have vent so no carbon monoxide poisoning to feet wash n go :thumbsup:
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  15. @Geordie we need to speak:D
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  16. @Barry Haynes
    I think I’m gonna become a Crocs addict. What should I do
  17. Buy crock buttons to suit your oddness
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  18. Turned down wellies.:thumbsup:
    Any more sartorial conundrums? Am here for the rest of the week.
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  19. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Mod

    Crocs are fabulous, I happened to order 4 new pairs last night. :chewie:
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  20. :eek:
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