Oh dear best get the welder out

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by matty, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. amazing what filler hides
    D947C898-2917-4CD4-8AB4-3D84B8D616A5.jpeg BFCC1EB5-9365-4B85-9EAA-D1BA41C951D1.jpeg
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  3. Ouch.
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  4. Oh dear looks the same as mine was on the a pillar full of filler and a scothbrite pad

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  5. Oh dear, I have been had,
    A pillar full of filler
    And a scotchbrite pad.

    Next verse anybody?
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  7. Never mind, check the wad,
    The parts are dear enough
    but the VATs a sod.
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  8. If looks could kill you probably will,
    The metals thinner , Schofield's the winner.
    Looks like its beans for dinner.
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  9. Will it not t-cut? sorry will get my coat.
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  10. davidoft

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  11. Explains why the door dropped when you opened it.

    What does the bottom of the a pillar normally fix to ?
  12. Blimus! At least that’s all the rot and pooh out now. Some nice shiny metal will soon be in and you’ll be right happy and proud!
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  13. MOT exempt?
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  14. At least your van'll go a bit faster with all that filler out...
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  16. Expanding foam for the win
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  17. Foam is structural. I think.
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  18. The van :)
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  19. It can act as a spacer in a laminate and help stiffen lightweight composite structures. But not when blobbed into a rusty bus...
  20. front arch and lower front panels
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