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  1. where are all offers on beers need to get a stock on for rtth :p is there any on at asda or others yet ;D got to be boddintons though ;)
  2. hailfrank

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    couldn't find offers for stopover, had to go co-op :(
  3. i'll ask the wife when she surfaces, I have no idea as I never, and I mean never, go grocery shopping
  4. ooh co op that expensive shop that is ??? looks like nippin in to aldi n tryin there bitter mm nice or there stubbi,s as long as its wet and has a bit of %age ;D
  5. That's mrs fletch posting again is it
    Cheap beer I know you re trying to get the money back for the disk buying disaster but come buy the good stuff
  6. OMG Co-Op eeeeeekkkkk.

    Asda always have the Buy 2 case for i think £16 or £18, Other than that Rythem an Booze always sell cheap
  10. well went in to asda and they got some offers on ;D box of 12s 8 quid mm think i could do better !!!! i,ll try tesco nxt :eek:
  13. well thats suprised me co op well well well there some were els too :p cant remember wic 1 it is now :mad: just mek sure you tek plenty mr lowie :p :p :p ;)
  15. oh no dont like none of them :eek: looks like havin to spend more money ;)

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