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Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by spooly, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. Instrument pods, both grey faced, £85 each plus whatever it costs me to post 20200314_111333.jpg 20200314_111339.jpg
    20200314_111403.jpg 20200314_111408.jpg
    window winders price after pic postplus whatever postage costs. 20200314_111756.jpg

    £12 SOLD
    £20 SOLD

    Fixed quarterlights, Inc bars and rubber, £50 plus whatever postage costs

    All stuff in good nick, I'll only vahrhe whatever it costs me to post. I'll do it as cheaply as possible
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  2. I’ll take the Wolfsburg winders please.
  3. I'll have the Aluminium £20 winders please
  4. Cheers Paul, I'll get back to you Monday
  5. Hi @spooly are the fixed quarter lights complete if so I will take them, thanks john
  6. Hi, yes, complete with rubbers and bars, if you want to pm me with your address I will try and get them posted?

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  7. If you still have the Wolfsburg winders I'd like them please.

    If you could PM me some details ill sort payment out.
  8. Sorry, winders sold, I’ll update post

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