Odd noise...?

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  1. Hi all,

    I've started to notice an odd noise in my Bay. Its a sort of dull hum. It pulsates - as if there are 2 things making rhythmic noise that are slightly out of sync. Its not particularly loud.

    I only hear it above 50 mph (so on motorways etc, rather that in town). It seems to be road-speed, rather than engine-speed dependent. I'm not sure if its coming from the front or the back - it sounds as if its from the front, could be from the rear and be being reflecting back to me of the windscreen. It also seems to be getting slowly louder over time.

    My initial thoughts are:
    • the carbs need re-balancing...?
    • front wheel bearings (though they are only 4 year old)...?
    • rear wheel bearings...?
    • CVs...?
    I plan to check all those this evening - I wondered if anyone might have any other suggestions as to what this odd noise could be...?


  2. ... or tyres or stone chips?
    just to give you something else to check over :)
  3. Wheel bearings certainly come to mind but 4 years old depending on miles done is not very long .
    Unless they were never packed properly with grease .
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  4. Front wheel bearings quite likely . If you take off the dust covers and the grease looks opaque milky/ brown rather than clear, where the bearing rotates, the opacity of the grease is oxide from the metal of slowly splintering roller bearings.

    Mine sounded sort of like an electric motor.. I think I had two done a while back and then the offside outer went again not too long after.
  5. I had this, very common on vehicles that are 40+ years old, as you are driving look to your left, right if you have a lhd, you should see a oblong shaped thing on the dash, turn the knob that says volume, keep turning until the noise disappears:thumbsup:
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  6. Anything stuck in the fresh air inlet like a bird or something? Mine buzzes when I hit 60. So I have to slow down.
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  7. Thanks for your input. I checked all bearings and there was a small amount of play in 1 front wheel. As a stop gap until I can nipped up the spindle nut - it took about a 8th of a turn. Not had a chance to do a test drive yet.

    I will remove the disk(s) and visually check the grease the 1st opportunity I get.

    BTW, we have one of the described 'oblong shaped thing on the dash', but since it is not connected to any of the round shouty things, I've discounted it as the culprit, here.


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  8. Sounds like it could possibly be a rag or fabric caught somewhere under the van. The second thought I had was trims, any loose trims like around a pop top or door rubbers hanging out.

    Ozziedog,,,,,start wiv easy stuff :)

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