NOS type 4 engines

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  1. It's what I have in mine and I think @nicktuft.
    @snotty you tempted?
    If I had some spare folding I think I would be interested in a spare.
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  2. Ooooh. Tempting. Wonder what shipping from Austria would be?
  3. Did you buy one of the VW Heritage ones when they were flogging them? Always kicked myself for not buying one.
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  4. No it came out of a T25. I bought it off a breaker/spares guy from Preston. If you remember PO had wired the reg wrong and I was getting 17v to the battery.
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  5. Thanks will check it out and see...cheers.
  6. I bought one of the heritage looked like an old engine after changing over the 12v electrics, fan shroud and old tinware etc. I’ve attached a a couple of pics of before and after a little tidying... 73057537-859A-4F76-AC40-F2F68EA8FC5D.jpeg 75929186-AC8C-4D35-B3C0-2B3B493A0052.jpeg
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  7. Here’s how it arrived
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  8. Dipstick is in a funny place. Where would you get one as cu have a long one and CJ short but goes in through the fan housing ??
  9. It has one, ha
  10. Indeed it does but is best accessed through the engine inspection lid.
    Oil filling is a bit awkward but doable.
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  11. Did yours come with it's 127 dog tag?
    And have you still got the original air cleaner?
  12. Some in the advert have a plastic bung, no dip stick. Wondered what one would fit ?
  13. Yeah tis a 127. No air cleaners gone.
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  14. Oh right yeah, I dunno to be honest. If anyone buys one of these engines without one, I can measure up my stick for them
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