Northern Spain - Summer 2011

Discussion in 'Europe' started by JBA, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Hopefully next year...mechanical the van is fine..but the bodywork needs attention in places especially on the doors...but buying a mig welder soon...and gonna have a crack at it myself so wish me luck lol
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  2. i think ill do something like this when i go 1st august .........great read
  3. that'll do for me
  4. Just checked some dates for October its just over £600 return for 2 nippers, wifey and the bus, weighing that up with a trip through France at 20mpg!
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  5. remember you have to book a cabin as well for both crossings.
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  6. Amazing thread:cool:
  7. Join the mig welding forum..:thumbsup:
  8. T
    hanks a lot will do...thanks does it help new beginners

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