Nora Quoirin

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  1. The poor girl that went missing in Malaysia and found dead ....also found naked .
    Can't believe what the are saying it was stress related and so on .

    I don't trust them one bit with that explanation ...can't help thinking they are trying to save there tourism income .
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  2. Also the body when found , was ground that was already covered apparently .
  3. Absolutely heartbreaking story this. Poor wee lass :(
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  4. She could have been walking around. They searched the area and then moved on she then turned up there.

    What is a shame is that they didn’t have a helicopter with thermal camara, would have probably been found alive must sooner.
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  5. A question needs answering , could she swim ? She was found naked , if she wasn’t going for a swim why would she have no clothes on ? And apparently she died three days before they found her ? They are also talking of unknown finger prints ?? Let’s hope the family get closure on this very sad disappearance and subsequent death :(
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  6. Very sad. :(
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  7. Terrible situation for the family - but it is all very suspicious
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  8. Could be that ...if there has been a murder , that the suspect knew the ground to be already covered by the police ...placed the body himself to that area in the hope it would not be found or for the body to be so decomposed and make it difficult to get much proof of any ID of the suspect
  9. It’s got a eerie feel of ‘ the McCaans about it...

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