No brake lights or reverse lights?!

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  1. Evening all,

    I’ve just replaced fuel lines, fitted new engine seal, and fitted a fire extinguisher with fuel cut off solenoid.

    I now appear to have no reverse lights or brake lights. Rear Indicators do work, as do side lights/rear lights. I literally just don’t get brake lights or reversing lights.

    Any ideas what I may have knocked and where to look?

  2. Reverse lights: have you knocked the feed cable off the +ve side of the coil?
  3. I`d be looking for wires being knocked off the back of the light units , especially after fitting a seal :thinking:

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  4. Hmm, I shall go out and check the coil shortly as obviously did connect in the solenoid to the coil.
  5. Thank you for your replies so far!

    Ah I think I may have a solution for the reversing lights?!
    Upon checking the engine bay I found this!
    Do you think by any chance that may have come off the coil?!
    Annoyingly it has no fuse in it though!
    I spoke to my mate who helped me do the work and he says that maybe the fuse has dropped out as we were moving stuff around (unlikely but we may have missed it I suppose). Looking at old photos of my engine bay I do believe that cable was attached to the coil.
    I now need to know what fuse to purchase. Any ideas please?

    Is there anyway this could solve the brake light issues too?

  6. Only one way to find out .... :eek:

  7. An 8A torpedo fuse will do nicely.
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  8. Don't cut the red wire!!!
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  9. The green wire! Don’t cut the green wire!
  10. were the reverse lights definatley working before?
  11. Ok, update time.

    After replacing the fuse in that lead and connecting it to the coil I have my reversing lights back.
    Still no brake lights though. ☹️

    The cables see ok in the back of the brake lights so need new ideas of where to look please.

    Many thanks
  12. jivedubbin

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    Check all your fuses under the dash
  13. If the fault is earths on the rear lights then if you put the brakes on you may see the tail lights and sidelights come on instead..

    Check the fuse for the brake lights is in the fusebox, is properly in and has not melted itself shorter.
    Clean the bulb contacts and the bulb holder in the tail light cluster: they do corrode.

    You may have a dodgy brake light switch, short the two connections together on the master cylinder (dont short to earth blow fuse in the end). If the lights work then thats the problem.

    You can also carefully connect the brake light tag to the battery via a bit of wire with a fuse in series ( in case of short circuit) . The lights should both come on.

    For this kind of job I use a Sealey automotive tester probe - detects voltages, and can feed battery positive or ground to a wire by poking a switch . Has a self reset 8 amp current trip so it can light the brake lights.
  14. Thank you for all your help.

    I’ve checked and it turned out to be the switch was loose at the master cylinder. After reconnecting I have working brake lights again.

    Happy days
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