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  1. Dealt with you at Volksworld Show and you were a pleasure to deal with
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    the units and cupboard are 1 year only brownyish colour lighter than the late bay but darker than the prototype's. curtain is the same as prototype. interior panel is same as prototype light wooden colour.

    we only do curtains for it. Curtain in photo is not original. seat is and units are.
  3. My 73 Continental had the same upholstery and curtains originally!!

    Incidentally I got my bed hinges from you chaps - good service. Hinges are ok but the springs on the catches are a little dodgy and you have to push the catch to get from seat position to bed position (Ie lie the seat base down into bed position) Not a complaint btw - just some feedback.
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    Thanks for that! We are more than happy to hear constructive criticism as we do our best to make a good product but you guys are the best test for any items.

    So do you think the springs need to be stronger or do the catches move to far on yours hinges?
  5. Good question, I dont know. They work fine clicking into seat from bed position but the catch seems to stay where it is when your going the opposite way ie you lift the base up past the seating position which should take it past the catches which should have sprung out of the way - one does - one doesnt. When i get a minut i will have a further play and see if i can suss that out. Think it is either the spring or the catch is tooo stiff.
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  6. Yellow material seats and check curtains
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    It would be great if you could, I'm glad you said it is only on the one side as it suggests that it might be a one off. Maybe the pivot is slightly out of tolerance making it slightly tight. I will take a look at what could be done to stop this.

    As I say, this sort of feedback is invaluable to us. We would struggle to test each item we ship out to the extent you guys do so that makes you all an essential part of the development process :)
  8. Hi just visited yr site. Some good bits.
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    Thanks Skirk, nice to hear people like what they see :)
  10. Im impressed with your service, I order the deluxe side step yesterday afternoon, it arrived just before lunch today, packaged well too :D

    Sometime in the future our '77 westy needs new seat covers, I know where to come for them :thumbsup:
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    Thanks for the nice words. I'm glad we could help you out
  12. Just a quick note on this,I've just got back from a visit to your warehouse and met Andy and family. I was there to pick up a laminated panel for my Berlin and just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. I had the tour round the warehouse, whilst Mrs Andy looked after my twin boys, and can't fault the products that you have the set up is great. There's a fair few suppliers out there and it's a competitive world so keep up the good work:thumbsup:
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  13. I've got a pair of your hinges too and have to agree with @Dicky on the springs. The ones on mine are way too weak and kept just popping/bending off. Gave up with them and at the moment have a spring from my original hinges on one side and no spring on the other.

    Anoher problem I have with them (and this is really annoying and has made me think about trying to source second hand originals) is that the catches never sit in the correct place and I have to manually tweak them with a finger to get the seat to sit properly when going back to seating position. I think the catches actually need a slight modification (the end shaping a bit more with a file perhaps so that the peg can silde in to position properly) but I havent had the time to take my seat back out to do this yet so not sure if I could actually fix them or not.

    Final problem I had was that none of the holes lined up with the holes in my original Berlin bed boards and so I had to re-drill all the holes in the brackets. Not really a problem, but was a real hassle and something I wasn't expecting to have to do - am guessing the brackets are made as a copy of one of the other models.

    If you have sourced stronger springs by now is there any chance of getting a pair?

  14. well put. I've not got around to it as I did have a pair of jk springs but cant find them! If there's any going then count me in.
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  15. Just come across this thread and had a look at your website. Really nice selection of stuff, especially the Westy spares. I will definitely be spending some of my hard-earned with you guys. Discount is great news too!
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    Really sorry I haven't been on here to keep an eye on things, as you can imagine the festive season is a busy time. I will pass on the comments regarding the hinges as the springs could be relatively simple to alter on later production runs but the profile of the latch bracket we will have to look into more carefully. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and we will happily replace weaker springs once the issue is resolved
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  17. Thanks for the reply.

    Would be very interested to hear what you find with regard to the latches as am really struggling with mine :(

    It might be that better springs actually fix the latch positioning problem too...
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  18. Thinking of ordering a pair of the JK springs as cant find the ones I had they are £2 each but end up being £6.15 with the postage!!!! went order 2 pairs but the price increases to £5 for the postage and therefore £13 A first class stamp would suffice!!!!!
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    @Dicky, they'll normally waive the standard post cost if you phone them.
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  20. cheers mate - will give em a bell tomos

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