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  1. Apparently there are two sizes depends if it nearside, offside or the steering arm.
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  2. Aren't the outer top ones angled, just to add to the confusion?
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  3. Yes they are and can be difficult to get the old greaser in..
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  4. I'm still sniggering at the erectile dysfunction advert in the advert break of the Fury fight on CH5...I bet they didn't show that in Jeddah.
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  5. See, you're doing it now.
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  6. It's like measles part of ones childhood.
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  7. I'll happily hold my hands up to that one. Growing old is unavoidable, growing up is entirely optional :D
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  8. Probably the best analogy...
  9. Can't be bothered to get under the van, so I've ordered a Chinese Nipple Assortment. Can't wait till it arrives :thumbsup:
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  10. That's the speciality at the takeaway in our village pub:thumbsup:
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  11. Number 37?
  12. I always ask for a 69:rolleyes:
  13. You bad man!
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  14. Lets hope there is a happy ending to this thread...
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  15. Pfwoor. Look at those beauties.

    a nipples 6s.jpg
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  16. Dubs

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    You could have someone's eye out with them!
  17. Perky, aren’t they?

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