NewtoVW/tinworm - Slow restoration thread.

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by NewtoVW, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. @Lazy Andy .. My advice if you ever do this, get a mobile sand blaster to do the blasting. It takes ages with a small compressor and a blasting pot.
    By the way.. Small world.. I clicked your name an it says you are from Portsmouth.. I lived in Merrivale road - Portsmouth as a kid.
    I miss Portsmouth :) Nice place.
  2. Ah... We've moved!! Forgot the forwarding address :) only over the water to Hayling so no escaping the sea air!!
  3. Ditto this advice. Guy came to strip the entire underside on ours and did it all in under 2 hours. Took a while to clean up though and you need a lot of room for it with nothing else in the room (fine for me as I'm on an isolated rural unit).
  4. This is making me wonder.... what sort of cost was involved?
  5. £200 all in. That was his time plus 5 bags of blast media. No brainer compared to the effort of doing it by hand with either a strip discs or a smaller blasting unit. There's a pic in my resto thread somewhere of the beastly compressor he brought along.
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  6. Hmmmm.... Well worth it by the sound of it! I'm going to have to start giving proper thought to better protecting top and bottom of the van in the next year or so.... Just not sure the Mrs is keen on me doing a full rebuild!
  7. I had a quote to blast the parts I haven't got to of underside of the bus by a mobile blaster here in Wolverhampton.... £550..
    I told him to do one :eek: It will take me a lot more time but don't take the wee wee.
    James... 200 quid ... Bargain :thumbsup:
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  8. Ouch! Think it makes a difference what type of blaster they use. My guy brought both an industrial unit and a smaller hand held unit. He said it'd of taken a lot longer to do it with the smaller unit.
  9. I have finished with the roll over jig and have found another member who would like to borrow it @itsadubthing
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  10. Hi John long time no see...

    How's the bus..?

  11. After our move to Devon i can't find anywhere to work on it so it's stored at the moment.. Might end up selling.
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  12. :(
    That's a shame you have done a lot to it

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