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  1. Hello snd welcome from Tufty, a bit slow at the back here. ;)
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  2. Flakey

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    Sorry if you're disappointed but don't be, there's plenty out there, feel free to ask anything on here 're what you're thinking of buying.
    £4k will get you a very good starting point if you're careful.
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  3. From what you have said about the deposit ...panel van conversion ...the rust i can see . I would look elsewhere ,be patient and you will get just the right one ,there is alot out there .
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  4. Thankyou everyone. Will be throwing some more at you for advice m sure. Hopefully will be a vw extraordinaire in no time! ;)
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  5. Baysearcher

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    Can I suggest asking for advice before paying a deposit next time??
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  6. tintops have a limited market ,with a poptop or hightop creates more room etc ...

    If he returned your deposit he might have got a better offer ,but don't be dishartened it was'nt that good and the new owners will be along shortly asking how to removed rust from under the window rubbers ...:D
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  7. Hahahaa brill. Thanks ;)
  8. That van wasn't meant to be.

    Plenty of other vans out there. By the way what is your top budget? For a bit more its possible to pick up a decent van with metal and paint already done.

    For example, my lovely tin top had a full resto only 6 years ago but now needs a new engine. I haven't decided about it yet, I could buy a new engine and carry on enjoying it or sell it as is, probably would want 7k for it.

    Not a lot more than you were prepared to pay for that van which would have cost you a lot of time and money.

    So take your time, look around, check out the ads and go look at some around your area and you will get an idea of what you want.
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  9. Welcome along.
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  10. Good luck!

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  11. Shame about the let down mate.. as the guys say best to look on here in classified or flee bay and put a link to ones you're interested in.. plenty of us will let you know first before handing over dosh.. guideline for us was 6.5k and we got a 73 Combi pop top.. I knew it was a runner and Mot'd for 8 months so it was usable in some fashion.. saw it and checked over in Yorkshire and drove it back to Solihull. I then started to rip it apart to repair and restore.. probably going to owe us about 13 at a rough guess by the time I've sprayed top coat etc

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  12. Merlin Cat

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    Hello and welcome @Workie's Camper :)
    Good job I just read the whole thread or would have been asking how the van was going!
    I've got a tin top and love the way they look, they are a bit more awkward for camping as can't stand up to do stuff, however that's what awnings are for ;)

    Have you looked at for sale on here? Do you specifically want to do a resto, or is it to keep price down?

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