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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Drew_greenday, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. @paradox that sounds good. I am away now for 4 weeks do it would be in sept.

    The seller has agreed on £5k and said the jackin points are sound.

    Big decision now.
  2. Well done mate I would say £5K is a fair price! It will need more welding that you can see in those pictures but if it ticks all your wanted boxes then go for it. Done up it will be worth a lot more, but if you want to buy it to sell then walk away others to be had , if you want it because its everything you want then buy it , repair it and enjoy it - buses are for life not investments to rip off the next owner! Good luck with your decision.
  3. Im after a van for me to enjoy when restored, and enjoy restoring her along the way. The reson i like this one is its near, not bad condition, comes with everything and is the style i want.

    Ill try and get some one else to have a look with me. I dont want it to go if its good value for 5k.
  4. I'm not convinced about that:

    However for the price the bus isn't bad, just be aware of what will be required to bring it back ... I'd try and knock another £500 off ;)
    The main chassis members don't look too bad, but as we said before a lot of panels need work.
    Are you planning to do the work yourself or get someone to do it?
  5. Im gonna get someone to have a look with me. Its too big a risk on my own. I hope to do the work myself. On that note i can't weld, but i am a technician by trade so will learn quickly.

    The import route seems a good idea mind.

  6. davidoft

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    You won't get a good imported westy for £5k anymore , more like 10k and they all need some work. If you put £5k into this van it will be a very good van and worth more than £10k, more like £12-15k
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  7. my god i've been selling buses way too cheap. £6k off the road?
  8. they have offered it for £4300..............
  9. It would be yours for 4k cash then!!
  10. If the interior's all present, £4k sounds ok, but it does need a fair bit of welding.
  11. I've just paid out about 7k for welding new rear end, outer sills, windscreen and two side window sills, two rear arches, respray and then reassemble with new rubbers all round. I considered the rust to be quite minor when I started the project but looking at this bus I'd say you could add another few grand on for a lot more welding.
    But if you can buy for 4k it will be worth it. Just be prepared to spend a hole heap of cash on it.
    Good luck.
  12. " ............Just be prepared to spend a hole heap of cash on it."
    We looked at a lot of vans before we bought ours - were beginning to think we would never find one that would be right for us ( that is with no major bodywork issues - just tidying up and TLC). Be careful of buying the first one you see - it is so easy to buy a "bad" one - and there are lot of bad ones out there - if you can weld and have the cash then buy one to restore - but you might end up spending more than you bargained for so be careful and take an expert with you - the underneath of the one you are looking at seems to need an awful lot of welding which would make me walk away. Good luck
  13. Watching this with interest as I'm on the same journey...
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  14. Ditto.

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