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  1. Hello all.

    I currently have a t5 lwb that I'm converting to a camper but I've secretly always wanted to have a t2 camper. There has been one on gumtree one mile away from me which seems too good to be true. I don't have the link as it's expired but here are the stats,

    1978 westy
    No mot or tax, been sat for a year gathering dust and a wee bit of rust, but did start first time with a new battery. I saw and beard her go.
    Originally German then shipped to Cali then back to uk around 12 years ago.
    No major visible rust apart. From usual places, both battery trays, small patches at bottom of doors etc.
    Window seals replaces around 2 years ago.
    Cab floor replaced, looked sound,
    2.0 litre, it did have all the Cali stuff on it but they removed it.

    Like I said, I am new to all of this and it seems a good deal and great bus, what should I specifically look out for and is there anyone near glasgow willing to help me out with a viewing? I intend to get her mot'd then general repairs to smarten her up. Eventually sort her out properly.

    I'll try and find a working gumtree link.


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  2. Baysearcher

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  3. Oh I forgot to add price, she was after £6000
  4. welcome to the forum Andy. :)

    A few words of warning before you hand over any cash....
    Personally I would go and see it but £6K seems a bit steep to me if its got no MOT?
    Do you know how long its been stood, the Scottish climate is unforgiving to rusty metal? They all look ace in photos and although there is this myth that is never rains in California, it does but its been in the UK for 12 years! Need I say more?
    Just be careful they are 'Always' worse than you think, I should know..... Secondly if its stood for a while the interior will most likely start to be mouldy so you need to consider repairs to that also.
    I am sure you know what you are getting into but going from a T5 to a T2 is a bit like flying F-16 jets then jumping into a 1920's Bi-Plane :) Mind you has not stopped the rest of us
    At least you wont get any problems with the clutches in T2's :p ....

    Good luck and remember there are probably more T2's about now than in the 70's haha :thumbsup:
  5. Cheers stan.

    I have viewed the bus and heard it start. The rust wasn't too bad, just in the battery trays. I understand there is probably more wrong with it than first seen and i will enjoy it when i eventually get one.

    It has stood for a year in the open which is a shame as it looked like they had a garage.

    What would be the rough price i should be expecting to pay? Does the link work?

    Cheers again

  6. Baysearcher

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    Impossible to say without seeing it.
    If it genuinely only needs battery trays, £6k would be cheap as chips.
    From the photos it looks like its probably gone in other areas as well.
  7. The price is always whatever people are prepared to pay. You can get MOT'd running vans etc for £6K, but you have to remind the sellers it does not have an MOT - offer them the £6K after they have MOT'd it for you? hehe

    ~Yes the link works - I can see bubbles on the sills, door bottoms and of course the rear wheel arches. If they are rotten then the rear of the frame inside the wheel arches probably is also? 38K miles? Has is gone round the clock? You will have to sort the brakes out and probably a stiff clutch if its been stood but hopefully as we had a good summer it might not be as bad as I am assuming? I would go down the £4.5 - 5K tops price, if its in really as good a condition as you think? Have you checked the roof gutters? Under carpets? Does the roof open up ok and no rot or damage, leaks? Take the dip stick out of the engine - see what the oil is like? Looks like its been serviced or black treacle?
    You might have a good bargain there but also remember its LHD which still drops the price a bit even today, although personally dont think thats an issue. Hope this helps?
  8. Many thanks to all the replies.

    I will have another view and do what you have said. The roof opens fine, there is a small rip in the canvas right at the top but the inside didnt look or smell mouldy. I removed the carpets and there is evidence of weld repairs to the cab floor and the seat bases. The gutters looked good, the rear gutter had rust in as where it was stood it collected water.

    The owner took it for a drive and it worked well aparently, obviously they are all goingto say that. I will need to see it and drive it. I havent asked about servicings yet. Will do that now.

  9. davidoft

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    For that van £6k is a BARGAIN regardless of mot status,
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  10. Good luck with it mate - got my sensible goggles on today rather than flowery van ones , just want you to keep a cool head - they will cost a fortune to maintain if its bodywork, mechanics pee easy and once you service them they run more reliably than modern cars (well mine does anyway!) and you can grin at the people in their euroboxes as you drive ;)
  11. Thanks.

    Apparently a restorer went to have a look and said it was very solid. He offered a silly price so he can make as much on it as possible. This could obviously be a bluff also.
  12. Baysearcher

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    I smell bull Marmite.
    Any restorer would know the value of that bus (if its as good as it looks) and snapped their hands off. A bit like @davidoft said.
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    I could of course be wrong!
    Definitely looks worth a closer look to me.
  14. Like all off the above has said, be very carful and be prepared to spend a 'few bob' to repair, I would go with a price when mot'd. In good condition and mot it would be at least double the asking price. Did notice it's the deluxe berlin model but the centre cabinet with the sink and cooker is missing! Good luck!
  15. davidoft

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    In that condition with mot expect to pay close to 10k,have you got their contact details if you don't buy it?
  16. Thats my thought exactly. I thought it was a good price but i dont know too much about them. Is there anyone local to glasgow willing to help me out and view with me? Can pay travel expenses etc....
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  18. I'd knock them down on grounds of poor taste, the manky bunting & crocheted blanket are dire.
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