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  1. Dear Latebay, i am a newbee ( as my son calls new folk on Fortnite) i have just been lucky enough to purchase my 1st van from VW Downunder T2 viking. Paul was very helpful but not one of his. He has put me in touch with the previous owner who has answered most of my questions how things work which is good news. But i have a cobra alarm which i am told worked but now the siren doesnt sound, could someone recommend a specialist in south oxford/ high wycombe that could fix ( i know nothing about vans) this would be most appreciated joe
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  2. cobra alarm wise any cobra installer should be able to sort it out
  3. When the alarm is triggered, is there actually any power being supplied to the siren? If there is then surely it would be a simple job to wire in a replacement. Might save you a few quid if it’s an easy fix.
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    It hugely depends on the age of the alarm.

    If you have the original docs with model number have a look on eBay for someone selling new old stock of that model.

    An auto electrician can check for power getting to the siren, if there isn't any and the alarm is buggered you can have them swap the 'new' in easily enough, same if it's a faulty siren.

    If your insurance relies on a Cat 1 alarm you may need to get a whole new alarm anyway, or have your replacement if you use it recertified.

    Cobra are still in business, unsure if the have an approved fitter list on their website but they know who they sell to if you call them.
  6. Welcome aboard the rollercoaster...
  7. Welcome to campervan living :D
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    Nah, I wouldn’t bother, they will just wanna fit a new one :eek:
  9. Personally i'd just take the alarm off... an old alarm system is likely to be flakey and cause you problems, and won't offer much/any protection from someone who knows what they're doing stealing your bus IMO.

    Welcome btw. I'm north oxford, so not too far from you.
  10. welcome, the people are all warm, friendly and willing to share all their knowedge.
  11. Sorry only just seen this. Only place I know of in Oxford that does (or at least used to!) is Oxford Car Audio in Marston - I used to live round the corner from them and they were brilliant, but that was 20+ years ago so no idea what they are like now.
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  12. many thanks to all for replies, been busy so still haven't sorted, but a couple of pips have recommended Oxford car audio so have contacted them and just need to drop bus off and hopefully sorted.

    a few questions if i could trouble you with
    1/i know this is very vague, i have a retro fit toggle switch on the dash which i havent a clue want it does, but when turned on the engine sounds as working harder??????
    2/ what would pips recommend for engine bay extinguisher that a complete novice install?
    3/ also and i dont wish to appear rude to anyone but have been to loads of shows/ fairs over the last few months and most of them are not what i expected, Sanddown park and Stoner park where good but the others to much like hippy festivals, i didnt give Bristol much of a change yesterday as by the time i got to gate was covered in mud , stayed an hour as didnt bring wellies and my 5 years daughter and she was covered, where are the best meets to see other cool buses and bugs and where you can buy accessories (not tat) so far Sand down the best.

    thanking you for your help
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  13. Question 2. I would replace all fuel lines and rubber fuel breather sections and place fuel filter under the fuel tank, minimise the risk of fuel leaks so reduce the fire risk. Do this stuff first before choosing a fire suppressant system.
    Question 3. Why not try a few local classic car shows, you will see much more than a load of vw's. and the fields tend not to be a mud pond. Also there are country fairs which offer camping and much more and good for families. Pure vw shows like Brighton Breeze and VolksWorld are good but have become expensive.
  14. ^ this

    check and replace all of your breather connections and replace all your fuel line with something that is ethanol proof (and also avoid fuel with ethanol too if you can). Vwaircooledworks sells the hose you need. I got my fire system from them, it's gas so cools the engine bay as well as extinguishing the fire without any residue to clean up afterwards.
  15. ^ this, plus I had a 'fuel tank cut off solenoid' fitted so if the fire system is activated the solenoid is automatically activated and shuts/closing the fuel tank preventing any fuel being pumped into a fire situation.
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