New work van (well sort of ) !

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  1. Just been upgrading my new van with a few add-ons :D IMG_8424.JPG IMG_8429.JPG
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    Very tidy :)
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  4. Is that in black or Blackberry colour ....just bought one myself in blackberry ...not a 4 motion mind .
    Is it a combi or are you going to pop top it ?
  5. me likey
  6. Ave you got drum n bass....?
  7. I like but where would you use the 4 motion bit ? other than what little snow we get !
  8. It was purchased as a van with steel wheels standard ride height etc.I've lowered it by 40mm fitted the 20" x 9" alloys and the roof and side bars. yes it's blackberry , I've converted it to a kombi and insulated , soundproofed and carpet lined inside. Before and after pic's.

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  9. I wasn't after a 4motion , it just happened to be one when I went to view ! a bonus so to speak.
  10. Love the number plate!!!
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  11. Smart colour blackberry...bought my van from vw norwich.then got it converted to camper ...awning heater and solar panel fitted . It's at the converters now as the solar panel is faulty.the guy said he would fit my chrome side bars for me at there expense for the similar wheels to you ....will send you pics when I get it back .
  12. Can’t wait , is it a SWB or LWB ?

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  13. SWB 102ps yours 140 or 150 with it being a 4 motion ?. Weird the blackberry colour can look dull on a sunless day , but when the sun hit's it, Bang it light's up .
    Apparently they have discontinued the blackberry colour which is surprising.
  14. Sorry Faust , i'm a week late to this ! mine is a 140 euro 5 engine , tbh most of the time it looks black .

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