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  1. Hi, I have a new/never used Spotmatic spot welder that I would like to sell .New they are around £500-£600 so would accept £275 .Also have some Blue Point/Snap-on panel beating dollies that are surplus. Will sort some pics out this week. Prefer collection in person (Henley on Thames ) but could post at buyer cost.
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  2. Hi, which model is it please?
    (Not working on vehicles btw)
  3. It's a SIP 25087 and sorry for delay but will add pics on Friday.
  4. Thanks ... Been researching and might go for "clinching" instead.
  5. davidoft

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    What are you joining? If it’s body panels then unless you have a humongous factory and gear you simply can’t do almost any of it.
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  6. Small thin stuff ... not auto ... Aluminium and laminates probably, which is why the spot welding is unlikely :)
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  7. did you sell the welder
  8. Still availiable but is also now advertised on a very well known action site !
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    I'll move the thread to non bay items for sale

    ....we still need pics as per the rules please :thumbsup:
  10. Thanks .Sorry but having computer and phone issues .The issue is me being a 46 years old dinosaur and really not showing too much interest in technology. Will choose the moment and ask my wife to add photos over the weekend.
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  11. Now sold ! Thanks

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