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    A complete change of engine (type 1 to Scooby for example) makes no difference to the tax free status. It does to MOT exemption (depending how you interpret the badly written guidance) but that’s daft anyway!
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  2. This is a mine field , decisions decisions, Thank you all for the comments and advice,
    I went to Newcastle wy yesterday just to look at an enginethat was up for sale via facebook market place, marked up at £1200 , fully reconditioned a year ago , i asked for documentation , he stated there was none,i offered £800 and he accepted, so i took a 100 miles journey to look , then on route (and funny how you misss these things) i recalled the engine tinware was for a beetle,on arrival i was shown the engine,nice clean tidy but it was a beetle tinware set up , owner said it had been in his van befor the scooby conversion,bells started to ring , i looked at the push rod tubes, nearly rusted through , looked like engine had been apart and sealed with bathroom sealant.
    it did have new carb, electricals, but i decided to leave well alone in the end , but i ha a nice drive out for the morning .

    ive been looking at BJ Speedshop website at the 1776 long engine , although almost £3000, i am thinking of the extra effort to mess with the carb is worth the financial and time investment , i am sloping towards yes. WHY?
    well the wife takes the kitchen sink etc when we go off , the van is full to the top , so i think the extral pewer would be worth it

    Their set up seems to be quite good and though their webpage is lacking a little in information other than to "contact us" which i think i am gonna do possibly on Monday and see how i get on with their information/advice.

    i got my old engine back on Friday and it realy is a mess , One piston has a largish hole in it and and the barrel is Knackered, all main bearings are back to base metal and the crank case can be seen with the naked eye to be oval where it should be round. As it has previously been recondiioned there isnt enough metal left to re do it.
  3. The oversize crank pulleys correspond to the line bore sizes, so the flutes on the end do the job of clearing the oil back to the engine end, a stock pulley on a bored case let’s oil leak past onto the outside rather than clearing it.

    It’s documented somewhere on here!
  4. Take care : there are 1776 screamers for bugs - with high RPM cams, and those for busses with low RPM oriented more stock cams. Fit the bug style engine to the bus and it will reward you by being sluggish and unhappy..
    Make it clear its for a bus..
  5. I'm taking far too long to rebuild our CJ 2 litre engine, so to avoid further spousal stress I'm looking to buy an engine already built. Any reason to not go straight to the VW Engine Company?

    I still intend to finish rebuilding the engine I've got, so won't have an exchange to give them, so know I am likely to lose the exchange deposit
  6. speak to @davidoft he may be able to get you an engine to use as an exchange menaing you wont lose your full deposit
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    I have a long block suitable for exchange, whats wrong with your engine that you cant finish it up?
  8. Nothing apart from time and knowledge :D It's been off the road for nearly 2 years and Mrs Norris is starting to get a bit twitchy at the delay. A new engine would take the pressure off, get us back on the road, and I'd be able to recoup a fair proportion of the outlay later by selling one of them on. Luckily I did all of the tinware first, so that is ready to bolt onto a new block
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    pay someone :), whats an exchange engine worth?
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  10. I suppose that's an option, but how to tell if they know what they are doing? I have a huge pile of (bagged & tagged) bits at the moment

    It is something I'd considered. Any recommendations in the Leicester area?

    And to be honest I'd much rather be making a new interior than worrying about deck heights and compression ratios
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    I meant buy a new one/another/a rebuilt one a good runner etc, in 10 years time when you still have a half finished camper you will wish you paid the money, if you need an engine for exchange I can supply one
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  12. Oh right :D
    The exchange deposit is £400 +vat according to their website and they do the shipping
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    :), mines half that so you can get a £200 bonus makes a replacement even cheaper
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  14. Thanks for that. I need to keep feeding the piggy bank for a little while yet, but I'll be in touch
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  15. And he’ll throw in a set of novelty tea towels! Can’t say fairer than that.
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  16. So back to my original question, VW Engine Company - are they as good as it gets?
  17. Probably are for an exchange engine. There are specialist builders out there who can do a more personalised build. It depends what you’re after.
  18. Apparently not , according to reports but it's a real lottery whoever you choose although several on here have used JK heritage units and they seem chuffed .

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  19. Take a look at Aircooled hut in Mansfield. Not a million miles from Leicester :thumbsup:
    Is it a type 4 motor you’re after? I have a good 1911 short motor if you’re interested. It could do with a new Cam & followers but the rest is all good. PM me if you want any more details on it.
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  20. I picked up an engine from marketplace for £100 full turnkey which had knackered main bearing. If I cant get it rebuilt I am still quids in. Heads alone are £40 each px. I am sure there is somewhere near Hinckley that rebuilds Vws.
    last engine I had built was Rob Parry who used to be on here......:hattip:
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