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  1. Is the tax free/MOT situation changed? I thought I remembered reading no significant modifications like power output or changes in engine size allowed

    May be worth double checking on this
  2. changing engine size is fine - if its just a change in cc and on the same type of engine

    So 1776cc or 1641 would be fine
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  3. Sorry to hear that.
    I had a bad experience with an off the shelf engine, but things may have moved on since those days.
    Is getting one built by a engine builder an option?
    Or could you buy a working engine off someone who is going down the scooby route - @pkrboo do you know of any?
    A friend is having a bigger engine built in the USA - that could be an option if you aren't in a rush or I could ask him when his current engine will be up for sale.

    If you buy an off the shelf 1776cc make sure it is designed for a camper, rather than a beetle.

    Good luck
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  4. Yep, just checked and you’re correct. Alternative ccs of same engine are ok
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  5. If you can find evidence even of a Scooby conversion done before 1989 (10 years after production) then even that is acceptable as a modification.. as there is something about modifications common during and 10 years after production..

    And it would take a fully paid up T2OC member to spot most mods these days anyway if they are done tidily.
  6. Heritage would be another option for a new engine. Slightly more expensive but don't require an exchange. When I got mine up I called and asked for a discount, got 10% if I remember rightly.

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  7. Are Heritage supplying vega engines.
  8. Nope SSP

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  9. And where do they get them from?
  10. They are both the same company.
  11. There was a post on here a while back,a guy took his vega engine apart to rebuild,total Marmite inside,was scrap they machine the Marmite out of them.
  12. No idea if they are the same company or not, was just giving another option if no exchange unit available. Been happy with mine for the last 4 years anyway!

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  13. The VW heritage engine I briefly had (don’t ask but to say I have not bought anything thing from them since) was so machined out you had to use the special oversized crank pulley.

    Got a short block from The vw engine company and have been happy with it.
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  14. The new engine for my camper came from the vw engine company. Over the moon with it and runs lovely. Early days with it but the service received was top notch. So much so that I had them rebuild my cabrio engine too. They used ‘my’ engine so the numbers still matched. I’m pretty sure they now do performance engines too. Give Adrian a bell, very nice bloke and will answer all your questions.
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  15. Dubs

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    I always use and recommend The VW Engine company. Never had, or heard, of a problem yet. :thumbsup:
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  16. A lot of pot luck involved here because of the reuse of old / worn parts, but I’m guessing that is still preferable to some of these new Brazilian motors like what I got from Mr Heritage and I’m still having issues, it’ll have to come apart to sort out I’m guessing, then we’ll find out what’s furked in there. Next time I need a new ish motor, I’ll go to someone like The Engine Company or more likely Abel at Afonso motors and let him do his magic, just because he knows his stuff.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,, summers here let’s get in a field somewhere :)
  17. I’m probably going to get them to refresh the 30hp engine in my ‘59 bug too. Adrian reckons they can source most of the hard to find parts. Another nice touch was the cabrio engine came back to me in an original wooden VW crate!
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  18. The JK PP engine seems to have been built with slightly better than average parts, the EMPI heads with S/S valves looks cleaner castings and look better flowing than the stock VW/ Autolinea heads. Stainless pushrod tubes too.

    My older 1641 which I built round stock parts apart from the slightly larger pistons and cylinders tended to want to scream away above 4500 rpm, flat power band but going too high.
    The PP engine instead wants to pull away from idle but doesnt like screaming. Same carb, same jetting, same exhaust. The PP engine is definitely a better match for a bus.
    Both take a bus to 70mph, but the PP engine pootles around in first and reverse at idle for parking. Just let up the clutch and roll.

    I forget who makes them but I think they are a special from one of the big builders.
  19. I think the Vw engine company also make engines for some of the resellers, although I don’t know which ones. I was sold when I went on their website and read ‘we’ve been re-building Vw engines since the 70’s’ any company who can boast that kind of statement must mean they are doing something right. Also the pictures of the machine rooms etc look impressive.

  20. Everyone can make a bad engine once in a while ...
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