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Discussion in 'V Dub Clubs' started by Busman, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Evening all, it as come to my notice that Derby is very short on a VW club, that meets once a month, and dose all the other usual club stuff now and then. So I thought of starting my own, and I was just putting it out there to see if it would be supported or if I am wasting my time........ Please let me know your thoughts.
  2. Are you sure that Adam at Smithies on Shardlow Marina has stopped the regular meet? Wednesday has been scooter night for the last few years and at weekends there always seems to be a collection of classic cars, including bays and the odd Long Eaton based splitty.
    We aren't there at the moment or would bob across and ask in the bar on your behalf. It's got to be worth a phone call.
    BTW I'm a generally grumpy git so wouldnt give a regular commitment personally. People end up disappointed if you offer expectation so I mostly don't. Haha.
    When we're back from our travels, I'll send you a ping. @Dicky and I plus the girls have been known to be seen hanging around Shardlow....
  3. Yep I’m usually angin! Doin my marlon Brando impersonation!
  4. Cheers, so is the weekends the time to catch everyone, anyone ?
  5. Anything ever come of this?
  6. VWOCGB have a Notts/Derby Area centre and the Midlands Aircooled Collective on Facebook though not meeting monthly, do have meets throughout the year. South Yorkshire Beetles did a Clumber Park cruise and meet over the summer with over a 100 bugs (a rare sight these days!) and MAC ran a few bugs and buses up there too. And if you ask me on the Emergency VWs group then we can have an EVW meet up too! :)

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