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  1. I park the van inthe drive now, need the garage space, bought a JK cover for it but since then its did nothing but rain and I haven't got the cover on it yet.. Opened the drivers door for the first time in a couple of weeks and thought it might be a bit damp smelling, not the usual eu du leather.. noticed the wife hadn't put her window up properly.. maybe she got tired ... I haven't started it since I parked it , hardly look at it ... kinda thinking I cant really be bothered with it .. I did put the centre belly pan on it before the last time it was used .. but im thiking its just a big white elephant and 8 years and a wedge of doe have been wasted..

    just put the wifes 304 cabriolet project up for sale as I cant be bothered doing it .. think the van might be next but will wait till next year .. see what the rest of this year brings.. It really doesn't suit my lifestyle, I don't really do relaxing, or planning, and kinda dont like driving so much these days. I really want to crack on with the hotrod projects but stuff just keeps getting in the way.. a wee tidy out will work wonders ..
  2. Pull yourself together man, get out there, give it a good wash. Wax it, take it for a drive and stop the talk about selling it, :thumbsup:
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  3. Move somewhere sensible where it doesn't rain all day every day. :rolleyes:
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  4. Got a link to the 304?
  5. I moved 100 miles from East Lancashire to Notts. You wouldn’t think it was that much different but it is, immeasurably. I love the North West l, it’s home but frankly it’s bloody grim, weather wise that is. When we used to travel to Notts to see family we would emerge from the cloud in the M62 into sunshine only to return to that black looming mass of rain on our return. It does make a difference when your sat in the garden in shorts speaking to friends in the nw indoors coscthe weathers poop!
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  6. I’ve heard..

    It’s always sunny in Barnsley

    East Grinstead is nice

    But truth is Derbyshire is Gods #1 county :hattip:
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  7. It sounds like you’re overwhelmed at the mo. And you’ve done what humans do and lost energy for everything in the face of it.
    How is your health? Are you taking care of yourself, taking a walk every day and not eating rubbish?
    How about you sit yourself down and write a list of what you want. Sounds stupid but it’s a really good way of getting your brain to prioritise things.
    Do you want a simpler life? Then sell everything, take a holiday and start again fresh next spring.
    You say you want to work on the hot rod. So sell everything and do that tidy out you think will work wonders - I think you will.
    And you ‘don’t do relaxing’. Well even the Duracell bunny runs out now and again!
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  8. Nice, nice, East Grinstead is fabulous
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  9. Your good at this therapy thing! My shakras are all over the place. How you fixed!
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  10. @redoxide
    Same as me, too many projects:D
  11. #2.....and only cos it's next to Yorkshire!
    Seriously, Derbyshire beats the Cotswolds hands down !
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  12. You're right, I have family that moved to the west coast of Scotland. I always smile to myself when I look at my weather app and see that its 9/10 degrees colder and raining every day. We went up there last August and every house had the heating on and the log burners lit whilst looking out of the windows through the rain telling us how great the view is!!! The climate would depress me beyond belief.
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  13. @redoxide is this a yearly thing?
    How much fun have you had since not selling the last time :)
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  14. Your spelling of Lincolnshire is truly appalling, did you go to school :eek:
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  15. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Mod

    I think he really meant Ayrshire.
  16. Could NOT have put it better :hattip:
    I'm failing to do the same, as I know all this .... but I'm a bloke :rolleyes:
  17. Ignoring the weather for a moment, my secret is lists.

    I chunk the jobs down into bite size chunks and just work my way slowly through them.

    I can be a bit ocd and won’t move on to something else until the current job is done.

    There’s something very satisfying about a long list with loads crossed off. Even if the bus doesn’t look much different, the list tells a different story.

    Doesn’t seem to work with housework though. Weird that.

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  18. I do lists then do other (useful) things that I then retro fit to the list and cross off immediately ...
    Do I need help?!
  19. Drove from North Yorkshire to the lakes the other day. Crossed the Lancashire border & it started to rain that very second!
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  20. Too many projects not enough time. Decide which you want to complete the most, sell the rest and use the cash towards the project you are keeping.

    I bought my bus 20 years ago. Got it restored by pros in 2002 and plan on keeping it for life.

    One pleasure vehicle
    One daily driver
    Plenty enough to hassle to keep 2 vehicles on the road without adding resto projects into the mix
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