My New 1975 Devon Eurovette. Full resto.

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by carlperkins001, Nov 24, 2012.


    This link is to earlybay who did some fix internally (Perhaps our TLB team could do the same @Fish ?)

    If you (or people who want to look at your pictures) google this:
    how to fix broken photobucket links
    Then they will see various web browser extensions that allow you to view the images, using some computery magic (people may not want to do this as you have to give the 'extension' various permissions)

    It would be better if TLB or the forum software people could do the fix directly as there are loads of threads that have images hosted on photobucket

    I hope that helps @carlperkins001
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  2. Hi mate, makes sense (sort of) i’m Marmite with computers though so not really sure what the fix is :/. I’ll have a google and see what i can find
  3. Been 2 years since the last update! The van is now running and roadworthy

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  4. 20190505_162809.jpg 20190505_162822.jpg 20190505_162725.jpg 20190505_162738.jpg

    Interior nearly finished, just need to finish the bed off!
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  5. Love the worktop, all looks good
  6. Some threads go quiet as people get bored of projects and/or sell the buses on. Glad to see this wasn’t one of them @carlperkins001 Some stunning work gone in to this over the years & it’s good to see it getting ready for use
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