My 73 singlecab saga

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  1. Well the story so far. After recently acquiring a 73 singlecab which has been languishing in an industrial estate car park for 3 plus years I've now with the help of a recovery truck managed to get it back to my gaff. Now it does run, surprisingly, but it certainly doesn't stop. Before it goes back on the road I'm going to renew all the fuel hoses in the engine bay to R9 plus the fuel tank hose under the tank and a good engine service. Now to brakes . It has a servo and the brakes are spongey but I can pump them up momentarily then the pedal goes to the floor. Is this air in the system a servo problem or a hydraulic leak ? Just not sure where to start looking first. This pickup has had a shed fall of money spend before it was layed up which I know doesn't always means it was done well. I can see its had new front calipers from sight the rest I don't know at the moment.
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  2. Is it leaking fluid anywhere?
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    Callipers sticking maybe?
  4. It’s either leaking fluid from one or more of the brake cylinders or the master cylinder is leaking internally. Remove the brake drums and peel back the boot on the slave cylinders, they’re shouldn’t be any fluid.
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    Didn’t read the brakes bit but be warned; a lot of R9 hose is gash.
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