My 1973 Triumph GT6 MK3

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  1. Purchased 1978 in wedgewood blue:eek: Over the next 35 years I did everything except paint it, and the machine shop work. Ive probably only done 200 miles since completion and it still needs running in.
    I added:
    Overdrive on 3rd and 4th.
    Burr walnut bespoke dash.
    Electric fan.
    SS tuned manifold and exhaust.
    Spitfire reclining seats.
    oil cooler and spin on filter.


    ENGINE RIGHT SIDE.JPG IMG_8289.JPG GT6 paint shop1.jpg
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  3. 28122015 153.JPG Front RHS.jpg 28122015 153.JPG Front RHS.jpg IMG_0806.JPG

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  4. sorry, some have appeared upside down. The car was one of the first to be bead blasted in the early 80s and featured in some car magazine, current at the time.
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  6. During the many years of restoration, I moved house twice and had to pack it all up in boxes, changed jobs twice (one was a 200 mile move hence the car on the transporter) and did a degree at night classes.
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  7. This now keeps me occupied, putting a Type 4 2056cc in the back with DTM cooling conversion.

    021.PNG 017.PNG
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    Awesome. Are using an off the shelf kit for the upright cooling conversion, or home brew?
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  9. I did consider all the options CSP Porsche etc, but none had the VDub look IMO, so it will be the Joe Cali school of DIY welding etc
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  10. Love the GT6, I briefly owned one back in thd mid 80s. It was great fun to drive but the chassis was a bit bent at the front which gave it some, errr, "interesting" handling characteristics when pressing on:eek:
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  11. Wish I had engine access like that.. could sit on a wheel and adjust the points..
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  12. yup - had that on my old Herald
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  13. Beautiful!!!!!!!
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    Good man. I am doing a Cali job on a W code type 4 for my bug. I like the idea of keeping the original cooling flaps and thermostat. (and the original ish looking fan shroud..)
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  15. Thats what made it so easy sitting on the wheel , bonnet off you had access to everything.

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