My 1970 bug

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  1. Managed to get the glove box lock back together and working again after it exploded into its component parts last week. :)
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  2. These arrived in the post this morning.
    2020-02-26 13.36.36.jpg
    Gave them a try. The brackets need remaking to tuck them under the bumper 40mm more.
    2020-02-26 15.42.23.jpg
    Quick play around with photoshop.
  3. Quite a few other cars used the same design of stripes.
  4. Got the fog lights mounted today before the next storm hit. Just need to wire them in now.
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  5. Managed to get the stripes fitted this afternoon, though keeping them straight was a right PITA.
    2020-03-02 14.16.34.jpg
    2020-03-02 13.42.41.jpg
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  6. Replaced the drivers side window regulator this afternoon as it was refusing to wind up the glass. Not as bad a job as I was expecting, though quite a few of the door panel clips broke. Only the new replacement ones though. :rolleyes: All the original 50 year old ones were fine.
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  7. Love the stripes :thumbsup:
  8. Cheers. :D

    Its been booked into a few local classic car shows in the coming months. All seem to be on a self judging system to hopefully other people will like it as much as me.
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  9. I think I have enough lights now. Working fogs and spots.:)
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  10. Go on... add a few more and go all quadrophenia on us!
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  11. Can i add some more mirrors on huge stalks too? Maybe one on the top of each wing? :p
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  12. Decided to give the front wings and 1/4 panels a polish and a couple of layers of wax. Front wing was sanded again and compounded to remove the jaffa peel i'd missed too.
    2020-03-06 14.51.26.jpg
    2020-03-06 14.50.20.jpg
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  13. Spent another hour or so this afternoon polishing and waxing the rest of the body. Could really have done with being outside as its not easy to see down the side of the car when theres just 2 overhead fluro lights.
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  14. looking very nice :thumbsup:
  15. Cheers.
    The passengers side rear wing needs a patch respraying as i found a few small rust specs coming through. Think the vactan didn't fully convert it before i painted. Thats something to do in the summer when its not raining every single day of the week.
  16. the weather certainly has been terrible of late. Ive found some bits on Gusbus which need attention in better weather!
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  17. I still haven't been out for a run in it this year as the weather has been pants. Theres only 6 miles on the clock. :(
  18. the weather will come...he says hopefully!
  19. Yep, i hear the middle 2 weeks of July is looking good. :p
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